Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Unfinished Business

I have realized that like my books, I have a lot of entries that I always end with a "to be continued" phrase. Always unfinished, well often times I'm no longer in that moment and babbling about it will just cause an injustice to what those things truly mean to me.

Like my life, so many unfinished business. When you're already on the right mind set to finish everything the passion is not just there anymore. Puro simula, magaling lang sa simula. I even don't have the guts to finish it off even if it means I have to cut off the head. Weird that I can actually think of the Mortal Combat gameboy game, when you're leading and the signs would say "FINISH HIM". Funny how I can think of something this lightly when the thing that made me write about stuff were really serious and special.

Like Landslide, I was thinking about the song over the weekend going back down the memory lane on how I first liked the song. I decided to dissect it and was unsuccessful in doing so kase tinamad na naman ako. Like my life, daming bagay ang kinatatamaran ko. I sound so pathetic whining all the time. Little did I know that one lady is interested in my life. Reading my blogs and my archives, checking my friendster account and my blog profile. Hey don't worry I'll be nice. Two things lang naisip ko, either she wants to see what is up with me, whether I'm miserable or happy OR baka naman she wants to see my writing style. Hehehe I can be cool I know but dear, don't worry I am not gonna mess up with you. It is just a waste of time and I don't want to be mean. Bagong buhay na ko, I am a believer of karma. I don't want be in your shoes, I know what you went through. In someways kahanga-hanga ka there are some days na nakakatawa na lang cos I don't want to pity you. You're a person of character you should know that. And I am so over it already, one day magiging friends na lang kami nun. I mean what's the fuss you should move on. If you don't think he's into you tama na rin siguro. I will stop talking about you, okay promise. Sana din stop hurting yourself, sabi nga what you don't know won't hurt you so stop trying to know what is happening in my life. I am happy now and hopefully you will be truly happy in your own terms.

Although I don't want to miss a fan (tear rolling down my cheeks, hehehe). It is better this way.

Next month will be a new year for me. My plans include finishing off atleast 10 books half read. Asikasuhin grades at transferring ko. Be back at school, wag nang magkasakit and magbakasyon!!! I am hoping to come up with the money for Perth, for whatever business I'm gonna venture into. Hay crossing my fingers that everything will fall into right places.

PS: by the way I'm mourning, I am soooo sad. Goodbye Luc, hope to see you again soon. I'm gonna kill you Jack for what you did and if I am to relive the day you died, I'm so sorry because I will not help you (wishing Tru would actually say this). No more reasons for me to watch and feel good every Monday nights. Hay first epi of season 2 dedo agad.

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