Saturday, October 30, 2010

Up and Running

Yes, our wedsite is.

It's wedpass protected, let me know if you're interested, I might let you in (just don't want those crazy people lurking around it so that they could throw storms on my parade. Yes storms and not just rain).

For the chosen few, click here.

Off topic, I am blogging from our hometown and guess what's gonna happen later... tea time with FMIL! Although I am not worried, I know she loves me, I'll just be the best version of me.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


I was driving to work early this morning when the topic for the radio show I frequently listen to is to complete the sentence “I _________eat_______, I pray that _________ and I love________”. The topic was of course inspired by the book turned movie starring Julia Roberts, Eat Pray Love.

I have been dying to write news here for some time now, I had a birthday week, W & my bestfriend Luchie was in town and me and my boyps Mark & Yong are closer than ever. Of course there’s this celeb with my J girls and 2 get togethers with friend Jo (in 2 weeks we met twice, this is shocking knowing how busy he is). The bookfair, expos, John Mayer rainy concert, the preps and other stuff. I have a full schedule every week that I wasn’t able to jog anymore or watch the 1st 2 episodes of TARA 4 (I was able to watch the rerun of the 2nd epi though). Not that I’m complaining but I’m glad I am not stressed – yet.

Now the reason why I mentioned the Eat Pray Love fill in the blanks was because I had the same idea before. I wanted to write something, 3 paragraphs actually dealing with each subject, so here I go in my attempt to unleash the writer wannabe in me.

Sad to say I cannot discuss EAT in a very colourful and enticing manner. The actual topic for EAT is actually the NOT part as in I am not eating for the past 1 & a half week already. Me and my loyal dietmate Rovs is on our nth attempt at SBD. Our first SBD was really successful, it was 2 years ago our next attempts failed miserably and this time I can say we may not be that successful (again) on weight loss but it is working for us. So for the eating part I am not happy. How I miss to munch junk food and sweets. The rice I don’t miss that much but the bread! I see them every morning, the chocolates, I see them every night. But no pain no gain right? Plus it is not healthy so I am now anti-carbo loading, calories shoving and sugar infusion. I don’t know where this ambitious attempt to be healthy will take me but nevertheless there is no harm in trying.

I PRAY for a lot of things lately. I pray for my family, their safety and health. I pray for my job, my colleagues, my friends. And when I pray I thank the Lord for the blessings. But the thing I prayed hard for these past few days is for discernment, not over W because I know I’m sure but for the choices that we’re making. The Lord granted me a happy heart and I am truly grateful. I am humbled in saying that it was His will, we are just mere followers. I am continuously praying and hoping that everything will be for the best, every decision is for our happiness.

And LOVE, I love my life and the everyone in it! I just hope the good things never ends.

I am so excited to meet up with friends Rhei & Dines later today. I have this mini project to which I’ll be needing their help and talent. Also I am so thankful to this new egroup I joined, the members have been helping each other big time, as in going out of their ways to find each a better solution and suggestion to everything under the sun. I love the w@wies!

It’s almost the weekend. Bye bye for now but here are some photos from the past week that I would love to share:

don't mind the date, cam ata ni Zie ito - my girls @ the bday celeb, Isabelle Royale Oct 2-3, 2010 (Chu, Zie, Gabs, Sar, Gaux & Faye)

Barbs, Sar, Ronald, Chu, Gabs, Faye, Gaux & Zie

Yong, Chie & W

Bestfriends for life! Happy Bday to me ;)