Friday, June 30, 2006

Man of Steel is Back

I am inlove...

Went to watch Superman Returns at Mall of Asia's Imax theatre last Wednesday (the screening time was actually Thursday morning na) and my verdict?


The movie house rockz (except for little things like blackout and super tagal na paghihintay cos we were supposed to watch the 12 am screening, guess what we were able to sit inside the theatre at 12:45, ewan kung anong pinaggagawa ng management sa loob at kung bakit nataggalan). The crowd? Wala akong masabe, the black out lasted for about 15 minutes pero walang nagreklamo, walang sumigaw ngi walang nag snide comments!!!

I even saw Jo on last night’s news hehehe, there was a GMA news crew at the screening, videoing people who are going to watch the midnight screening because it was the first day of the movie and must be because there were celebrities, kaya ganun na lang iwas namin sa camera hehehe mahirap na baka madiscover.

My final verdict??? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH pa rin ;)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Foot of the high stairs Posted by Picasa
Camiguin from a distance Posted by Picasa
Our ride, from Balingoan to Camiguin. Posted by Picasa
Kaya mo yan Jen! Magaan lang ako promise! Posted by Picasa
goofing with Jen at the Walkway Posted by Picasa
Mt. Volcan (old volcano) Posted by Picasa

CAMIGUIN - Island Born of Fire

Had a great weekend with my good friend Jen. We were in Cagayan de Oro last Friday for a meeting and since we're already in Mindanao why not go for a Camiguin adventure? Last year when we were in CDO we went to Iligan and Lanao del Norte instead of Camiguin and Bukidnon but last weekend Jen & I carried our belongings in an Amazing Race style then we're off to Camiguin.

It was my first time to go to Camiguin while it was Jen's 2nd time however she went there when she was 13, reason why we both feel like that it was our first trip to the majestic Island Born of Fire. Camiguin is really rich in history and nature. They have falls, hot & cold springs, diving haven, an island with white sand (called White Island), you'll feel awe in their Sunken Cemetery, Via Cruces and the walkway to the old volcano (Mt. Vulcan who's 1871 eruption caused the sinking of a great part of the island including the Sunken Cemetery area and the ruins of the old church).

Camiguin is really famous for it's diving spots (too bad we don't know how to scuba dive), famous for it's really yummy lanzones (too bad lanzones season starts every October), famous for it's pastel (the mouth melting buns with fillings) and famous for it's volcanoes - an Island surrounded with 5 volcanoes, Mt Hibok Hibok (hibok means "putok" or eruption of the volcano, this volcano is active and have erupted twice already, reason why it was called Hibok Hibok, in the occasion of a third eruption (may the Lord forbid) it might be called Hibok-hibok-hibok (just trying to be funny, I know I'm not). Then the Tres Marias volcano (locals called it the three sisters, a volcano with 3 craters) and lastly Mt. Vulcan (called Old Volcano - dormant now).

Majority of our pictures got corrupted (grrr) hopefully the files will be salvaged tonight if so more pictures will be posted soon.

For the detailed account of our Camiguin trip visit Jen's entry at Friendster blogs by clicking here.

Teddy Geiger - For You I Will (Confidence)

She's Kirstin from Laguna Beach right? Oh well, it doesn't matter. Teddy Geiger Rockz!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Girls Who Matter

The Mother
Inay, Mom, Mama, Mommy or Nanay… the most important lady of his life. Of course you need to win the heart of this woman. With her as your back up will surely make a lot of things easier (hehehe most especially when you have her support all the time). Her opinions matters a lot that is why you need to gain her confidence (the fact you are nice would make all the difference – di na kailangang sumipsip).

The Sister
Like the Mom, she can be your worst enemy or your best friend. What she thinks matters too since she’s family. Learn the basic of bonding with ate, learn & try your best to like her, don’t fake it. Its better you stay away from her if you really don’t like her but once you have her on your side, things will be a lot lot more easier just like with the Mom ;)

The Favorite Aunt (if he has one)
Tulad ng kay Inay, he listens to Tita too that is why it is important to make the best impression when being introduced or being in the same proximity with her. Tita can make your life a living hell too if you’re not careful.

Girl Best Friend
He has this best girl bud, someone who’ll make you jealous sometimes at di naman nya or nila sinasadya. Somebody who is a threat because she really can be. She’s the person he consults when it comes to you. It is sometimes necessary to win her approval. You can hate her all you like but remember that she’s the girl that has the 99% chances of marrying him.

Girl Best Friend #2 (some has some don’t)
Same with Girl Best Friend #1 only she doesn’t have the same chances of ending up with your guy, she has 50% only (hehehe).

The Ex
Your worst enemy (she may or may not know it), learn the basic of making him feel that it is okay to talk about her (you have the guy now so don’t be afraid) but learn the loop on how you’ll find out if he is still into her. If he is, tell him how you feel about it. Things may not work out between the two of you but never ever let yourself be victimized by the ghost.

The Admirers
His groupies, colleagues who loves him, followers, supporters, fans (on some cases even guy friends can be a threat hehehe) etc., can be friends or just girls who knows him. Let people know that you’re not just the date but that you’re the steady girlfriend (not just a girl space friend). You don’t need to be proud, be yourself and you’ll be great. You’ll make them all realize that your guy is already hopelessly in love with you.

Why am I writing all about these stuff? Wala lang I just realized that I can be all of the above and in every situation there can be a winning glory or a good comeback (incase you mess up a little sister). I know that sometimes being confident is never enough; you need power to escape the clash. Given the worst scenario don’t give up ;) you can’t please everybody – don’t even attempt to, as long as he loves you winner ka pa rin!

And in this life I have -- the Moms want to adopt me, all the Titas adore me, the sisters love me and the friends like me. It’s those guys who don’t realize I am a girl who matters too or the girl who got away in the future:( , ha BEN? Di ba?

Ha ha ha!!!

The Lake House

Absolutely better than the original but I must admit that I also like Il Mare. This is my favorite movie of 2006 (so far), apart from Sandra and Keanu being my favorite Hollywood movie actress/actor they added more kilig factor on the movies – scenes you can’t find on the Korean version. I don’t want to discuss the plot or share which part of the movie is good, just take my word for it, this movie is worth your money. Go watch it, enjoy and remember that falling inlove is really a beautiful thing *sigh*.

This will make you realize that love can overcome any kind of barriers, be it time or work or distance as long as love is there nothing is impossible ;)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Marco my Boylet

He's Kuyamarco, Marc, Marco Polo, Marcoboy, Makro or just simply Marco but to me he's my best best boybud. And now that he's moving to Singapore for a job (for 2 years huwaaaah) I am happy and excited for him, it is just sad that he'll no longer be there when I need a sound board (mahal overseas call), or will be near me when I have adventures, trips and more misadventures. I will no longer have my favorite coffee buddy, dadalang na reminders nya thru text of good National Geo shows or any channel shows that we both like. Magiging iba na cable mo, iba na radio stations mo, magmamahal na text sayo at lalong dadalang din text ko sayo dahil alam mong kuripot at tamad akong magtext. I just wish you'll keep the email flowing and will snarl at at me sa YM. Andito ka pa miss na kita, ikaw pa naman ang aking paboritong boylet. Ikaw na nagtetext muna sa akin ng mga mensaheng ipapadala sa iyong mga girlilet (natural ako manager nya kaya kailangang i-approve ko muna mga aktibidades nya). At sa diskarte sa panliligaw, you're the only friend I know who gives me the chance to bring out the boy in me (hehehe - hinahayaan nya akong magdialogue ng mga pacute & ligaw hirits for her prospects). I will truly miss you papa Marco :(. Basta yung sabi mo sa mala-soap mong dialogue kahapon, mamimiss mo ako ha at syempre sinong bestfriend mo doon? See you soon for your send off, and who knows this girlilet of yours can visit you sa Singapore before this year ends or perhaps early next year. Isasama ko pa ang iba mong girlilet (hmmm, makapag SG tour nga with Jen & Leby and perhaps the SagadaGang). Love yah! Hope you'll continue to read, appreciate good music, think & ponder on what ifs in life and explore the beauty of love & life (yan lang ang maipapamana sayo ng iyong abang si Joan). Take care & God Bless you my friend. Friends Forever (baduy man eh pagtyagaan na natin)!!!


emote kung emote!

minus me, graduates of Gina & Kitchie's School of Photo Posing and Emotions

Pose-Aholic Luchie

They said I need a crash course in Posing 101. I’m sorry I’m not really fond of being the object one’s lens affection. I feel really conscious, more often than not you can find me half laughing and confused whether to laugh or just smile on pictures. I am not that photogenic too that is why I don’t like picture takings that much. But my aloofness with the camera didn’t stop my bestfriend Luchie from posing and dragging me into a model pictorial at The Splash. I was terrorized and victimized by this one pose-aholic lady.

PS: Miss you na Chie.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Singing & Splashing with SagadaGANG

Last weekend marked the first year anniversary of SagadaGang, thank God we were able to celebrate it amidst our busy schedules. The celebration started with a videoke night, sleep over and swimming. Worth mentioning are the best of the weekend, Arma's magic mic (70s 80s and early 90s lang ang kanta) and Mark's pasta espesyal.
us Girls - Gina, Kitch, Luchie & Arma

greatest bestfriend in the world - ME! hehehe joke lang sweetie!

my angels, I am blessed to have them both:)
amazing friends are hard to find, Marco is so lucky ;) (joke lang din)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Consequence of Pushing me to the Limit

Just when you start to think that you're doing the right thing and trying to stop being a bitch, unimaginable things happen...

And to the object of my unaffection, suffer my rage, fury & wrath.

I am so tired of having to deal with this over and over again. I may not be the nicest person in the world but believe me that my efforts were sincere but now I can say that I shouldn’t have been that nice to you. You don’t deserve it because all you see is that in this stupidity you are the victim. Yes perhaps you are the victim but it was because you of all people did something that you now regret. That is not my problem that is yours and stop dragging me into the pit you’re destined to be in. I am actually so pissed because for the first time I decided to be kind and be a real friend to you… what do I get? A bang on the phone and a lot of unkind words. You know what your problem is? You are in denial, you believe in the things you want to believe in. Wake up! When you tell me (which is all the time) that I should listen to myself and that I should look at who I am, you make me sound like I’m the proudest most evil person in the world. Don’t you get it? I don’t want to lie to you because if I do you’ll just start believing again that maybe I still love you. I DON’T, don’t you get it? I’m telling you the truth. I am not saying those things to make you suffer, to make you unhappy or to spite you. I am saying those things to make you understand and because it’s the truth. Now you are telling me that I should think first before saying anything because I have told you all those hurtful things I have said? You better think a million times or more before asking those stupid questions or better yet shut your mouth if you don’t want to hear the real answers to your questions. You asked if I miss you, and you asked that when we were having a normal conversation – a real normal conversation after a long time. My God, stop doing that, you’re pissing people off and you’re not actually doing yourself a favor. You know that’s the real problem with you, stop being so melodramatic, move on and stop blaming me for your miseries. Hate me all you want, I don’t care. I even think we'll be even because I hate you too, even more than you do.

Be Inspired

with the following messages, click on the links below:

The Interview with God
Pathways to Peace

Monday, June 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

Hundred plus channels but still nothing good is on TV last Saturday. I’m in the mood for a social suicide, hmmm need to flip through videoke channel – cool, Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams is on cue. Itching to get started with the imaginary microphone in tow, intro playing… “Finally found someone who knocks me off my feet, finally find the one who makes me feel complete. We started over coffee, we started out as friends. It’s funny how from simple things the best things begin”. As the song progressed my niece noticed that I know the correct lyrics more than the channel. Di ko naman masyadong favorite noh? And look! The sun is now shining, hah! Ikaw nang magka golden voice.

Had a real good time with good friends last night. My thanks to my very fun-reliable great friends.
Fafa Mark, naks may nalaman ako sayo kaw ha style mo talaga at wala akong masabi consistent ang type mo! Love yah, it was nice seeing you, muah!
Armabella (hate me for mentioning your real name), naks naman dadating pala si lovey dovey :)
Kitchay, I’m sooo happy for you!!! At excited na rin talaga na mag December na, I bet you’ll be the most beautiful bride ever.
Gina, gorgeous as always – bear in mind that you’re too perfect for him.
Wa-an!!! It was great seeing you friend sana naman dalas dalasan mo ang pagbaba d2 hehehe and nice meeting you Jen!
(Will post pics pag nag upload na si Kitch)

I just hate it when the word “soulmate” is being used time and time again. I also hate it when people feels unsure about such word however they still use it causing them to consider (or even actually tell) not just one person that they’re their soulmate. I have read somewhere before that the concept of soulmates arose from Greek mythology. According to the story, our ancestors once had 2 heads, 4 arms (scary hehehe). They did something to offend a god so that god punished them by splitting them down the middle, resulting in the creation of humans. As a punishment, we are condemned to spend our lives searching for the other half, our soulmate. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that a soulmate is connected to one in a romantic manner. A soulmate can be one’s father, son or a friend. But for me one thing is definitely sure, in a person’s life there will only be one soulmate. Now you mate read this, your soul will never be in harmony with mine until you figure it out yourself that you only have one soul, get it?

And here’s to you:
I sold half my soul, am I free to keep the other half?

I know you're trying to justify you say I am the one who's damned?
Well, free your wretched eyes hatred is blinding you, look at me now am I as damned as you?
What you need to know, you are free to lie
You sold half my soul and now you want the other half

And I know you're trying to justify, say I am the one to blame
Well, free your clouded mind your anger is deafening you look at me now, am I as dead as you?
(Stillness, Paramita)

Tsk tsk, God knows when you’ll be happy but until then deal with it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


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I’m supposed to be busy, well it’s month’s end/start and in our office it only means one thing: REPORTS.

First batch of the reports that I’m supposed to be checking and sent out to clients arrived early this morning. If I am at my usual self I’d probably be caught checking it the soonest it arrived but unfortunately I don’t feel like doing it. It’s Thursday and supposed to be my favorite day but I can’t see anything likable about this day. I feel so cranky, probably because my sleeping problems are recurring. I hate feeling like this so I decided to just check my Friendster messages and clean the inbox. I’ve been planning to do this for months now but I don’t have the time, that or I just simply forgot to do it. Anyway, a message was waiting for me on my inbox, it was the reply from this 19 year old guy who writes really well. I asked him if I could linked up his blog site (see last link below “Carlo”) – this kiddo has incredible writing talents, will rave about him on a separate entry. So there I was reading and sweeping my flooding inbox, I started from the last page, messages that dates back to 2003 (most of them are messages that I really kept there for the purpose of an afternoon like this, that when I am bored I’ll read them again hehehe). I read all of the rotting messages again and bingo, brings back memories from 3 years ago.

There were funny stories in each messages, others were nice but then connections I had with those people either progressed or was erased. There is this one message with “hayup” as subject. You’d think the sender is mad, yes he is but on a different level. The content of the letter simply said “bwisit, ang ganda mo”. The writer was obviously fond of me (hehehe, he’s a friend… used to be, I guess we’re still friends). I can’t help but think if he means it or he wrote those to spite me. Old emotions, old feelings resurfaced. I weighed down the importance of each message, I read them and re-read them so that I could decide if they belong to the inbox or to the trash. There is this old message from someone dear, he found me in Friendster and was really excited about it. An old classmate, a former schoolmate, a neighbor, an old friend’s brother, a stranger, my niece’s childhood friend, a guy whose face is familiar, somebody I know from my hometown… different people who shared different stories with me.

A gradeschool friend of mine messaged me December 9, 2003 then on Dec 10, 11 & 12 almost everybody from the group we had way back sent me a message. That was how it all started and now I am enjoying the company of these people. They were the oldest close friends I have - friends whom I know since grade 1, lost contact with in high school and college but when we decided to meet up the closeness never disappeared it was always there.

There were messages too from old crushes, a couple of guys who never had a clue that they were the apple of my eyes way back. Their messages were short & sweet, birthday greetings, short messages just asking how I have been and what I am up to. There were also messages from friends who are now in different parts of the world, close and not so close friends. Messages from the ex, cousin of the ex, friend of the ex who eventually became a friend too. There were so many memories stored that as I go along reading them all I noticed that I haven’t sent even one to the trash folder.

There were messages too that reads: “ATE JOAN, IMPT PLZ READ THIS” or “HEY CUZ, PLS READ THIS” from my cousins who were like siblings and not just cousins to me.

In my 3 years of Friendstering (sounds like pestering), a lot of stories were born, a lot of memories were stored and this afternoon they all resurfaced. I dunno if I should patronize Friendster and thank them for bridging the gap between people because it is through this medium too that sad stories started in my life. This is where I found out that a crush of mine before is now married (okay, I am not that affected but I admit I sighed). This is where I saw how beautiful my competition for someone is. This is where I saw happy pictures of a guy who loves me dearly before but now he loves somebody else (I am just sad, I like him a lot but since I am pathetic I didn’t give him the chance before but I do not regret anything I guess I was just envious cos they look overly and exaggeratingly good together). This is where I found out about broken relationships and how it ended between people close to me. This is where people I love got ditched and what made them really sad is that profile of the people they so much hate is available for them to stare at.

I do not understand why I am writing about these things, maybe I’m sad. I just can’t figure out why. I miss a lot of people today. My bestfriend Luchie (who is coming home next week for 5 short days), my cousin Kuya Berns, Harry Potter, Calvin, my Pop, my Bens, my girls – Gabs, Saree, Mai, Chona, Gene, Vines and Zie, my boys – Edward, Joey, Joel, even Prof. Jerome, Marco, Dinercs, Yong, fafa Mark, Gary… my other girls Tita Kim, Jeng, Dines, Penny, Cris (the MLA Moms) and even Jen who’s just a glance away.

Friendster may not be the center of the universe, it’s just a tool that brings you to those that should be the center of your universe. And with this, I’ll end with a promise… I will write a testimonial for everybody who’s in my friends list. Huwahahaha.

PS: again I failed to romanticize this entry. How could I start writing really dramatic and end it with a smirk and a laugh?