Friday, June 16, 2006

The Lake House

Absolutely better than the original but I must admit that I also like Il Mare. This is my favorite movie of 2006 (so far), apart from Sandra and Keanu being my favorite Hollywood movie actress/actor they added more kilig factor on the movies – scenes you can’t find on the Korean version. I don’t want to discuss the plot or share which part of the movie is good, just take my word for it, this movie is worth your money. Go watch it, enjoy and remember that falling inlove is really a beautiful thing *sigh*.

This will make you realize that love can overcome any kind of barriers, be it time or work or distance as long as love is there nothing is impossible ;)


niQ said...

napa-hallelujah ako dun ah?! heehee. :)

Anne said...

hey niq, oo nga eh AMEN pa kamo. hay naku sana lang yung ibang mga tao narerealize yun....

teka tama ba iniisip ko sa sinasabi mong hallelujah? hehehe.