Monday, July 31, 2006


Bench Fever pictures... I swear Zanjoe was in one of those pictures wearing nothing but a piece of small cloth hehehe. There he is, the 4th picture left side :)

More Camiguin pictures, bus ride with Jen (on our way to Balingoan)

Chard, contemplating on what song to sing. July 21 videoke at Red Box Greenbelt... we rocked the house with Supernova reality show songs.

July 28 Sugarfree farewell gig at Hardrock Makati... as always Sugarfree was great and Up Dharma Down was amazing.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Destiny by Zero 7

I love this song. Reminds me a lot of Waking Life.

In Contemplation

Alright, so I did under estimate myself big time and thanks to my loyal group of friends who yelled at me telling me things that made a great deal of sense. I was in a moment, a depressing moment that lingered sad to say. Then I saw horrible pictures of what is happening in Lebanon and the Nobel prize winner photo by Kevin Carter taken years ago.

I am working for a fundraising consultancy firm that is why terrifying pictures are no biggie to me, I’m used to it actually but what I saw recently totally broke my heart. I guess I still am lucky being able to feel no grave threat, no hunger and strife.
Guys please go to and be counted. Please pray for the civilians, they don’t deserve what they’re experiencing right now.
So I guess I really should count my blessings. And to Him, I am sorry I wasn’t thinking clearly. The gloomy weather affected my thoughts, don't worry it is all sunny today :) I will try my best to cheer up.

Happy weekend to all! Be safe, stay dry – it might rain this weekend.

He said...

that this is for the surpises I love...
Thanks for this, it was indeed a sweet gesture.
It came as a nice surprise.

Friday, July 21, 2006

And the Countdown to Sept 20 Begins...

I have realized that I have been rambling about a lot of non-personal stuff lately. It is like I don't have anything to share about myself and it is not that I haven’t had any new wonderful things happening to me in the last few days or even weeks other than movies I have watched or TV shows I religiously glue my eyes on or the fact that I have been busy with work and other not worth mentioning things. I guess this is just me saying that I am still here but I’m not ready to open up or even share stories pertaining to me with other people portraying my character. This tabloid-like site of mine is waning… (FYI, I just had my 3,000th reader this week) this should stop.

I am wondering what made me stop writing about the beauty that there is in life. With my birthday coming up in 2 months plus my entrance in my 3rd cycle of life I should make all my decisions wisely. Based on Mr. Mart’s reading I am a person who prioritized happiness in everything, he said I don’t care about material things. For me it’s a good thing - I am not materialistic and I don’t care about things that money can buy but in the real essence of it all, Mr. Mart said that it leads me to a very low motivation on other things in life. I lack ambition (that’s what he told me)… I am content with my life and that I don’t have that much plan for the future. I guess in some ways he’s right. I really don’t know what to do, I am just here staring at an empty space. What he told me opened my eyes a little (hehehe not fully) I guess I should really start planning what to do with my sleepwalking and slacking. He saw that my travel line is deep, he even saw me prospering and living in another country far from here and in his verbatim words:”dun ka na lulubugan ng araw”.

Going back to my upcoming birthday, eto na naman… birthday jitters. You know not just because age will add - for me it doesn’t matter but what bothers me a lot is that I still don’t feel that I have spent my 26th year, I still don’t feel that I have done something remarkable that would make me remember my 26th year or the other past years of my life. All I have are lots of rants, few regrets, tons of pride and gazillions of cluelessness. I am as always lost, you know how you would see in movies that the world revolves, everyone moves back & forth and ironically I am in the middle immobile while a big clock ticks double time nearby.

Will this feeling lead to the fact that again I have wasted another year? As I look back the only thing worth remembering from last year was Mickey Mouse and my niece marching down the PICC halls. With this seemingly natural born loser life of mine I cannot help but track what was it that made me truly happy last year. There was one, a day that made me happy for a whole 5 minutes but then a loud thud awakened my dreamy state with lots of contradictions, confusion and questions. But I still love Thursdays if it’s any consolation.

I still have 2 great months to plan my next cycle. Mr. Mart said that the first couple of years would lead the path as to what my 3rd 9 years would be. I must travel or live outside my comfort zone. I’m a big girl, I can do this. With my family & friends praying for me, the past doesn’t matter anymore. So what If my 26th year didn’t made a mark on anybody’s world? I sure know I was able to make some people happy and important. I know that I have made something special for someone. I know that for others I have achieved more that I think I did.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lady from the Blue World

I have never raved about one movie the way I wanted to do with this one. It exceeded my expectations and it really deserved a good applause. For some they would think about the good and exciting twist in the likes of “The Sixth Sense” or the “The Village” but this one my friends I’m telling you is something that you would want to watch over and over again (I do! I do!). I was quite skeptical at first but was very intrigued. Who wouldn’t be? This is an M. Night Shyamalan masterpiece, a writer and director who makes movies not just for the sake of doing it. Don’t expect a mind boggling plot, this movie was supposedly just a bedtime story for Mr. Shyamalan’s children but do expect a little suspense, powerful acting and rich storyline.

I really like the idea of combining different cultures and diversity of each personality, this is what M. Night did wonderfully in the film. The Cove’s tenants displayed very colorful characters and my personal favorites are Young & her Mom, Mr. 13-B, Vick (M. Night’s character) and his sister Anna, the junkies (yeah they’re so blim blam!) and of course Cleveland Heep as portrayed by Paul Giamatti (which I really love on Sideways).

And to my friend Jo, this is one movie that we both loved in a lot of ways. It has been ages since we last saw one that dragged us to have coffee and discuss scenes (apart from your rayuma & arthritis hehehe). You were right, watching it together was a good decision.

So guys if you’re planning to watch something this weekend, watch Lady in the Water.

My salute to Mr. Shyamalan for a job well done!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Better Late Than Whatever

Last July 7 was Dines' 27th bday. I know this post may come very delayed (due to a great number of reasons... I'm busy, I can't upload the pics cos my card reader was with Penny, I was busy, I got busy again and I think I was still busy to the nth power). We gave her a surprise birthday celebration at Dianne's Alabang Hills home (which by the way was really homy, kudos to Dianne for a job well done on decorating her beautiful house). Dinah, thinking her friends abandoned her since her birthday fell on a Friday (everybody made plans without her was the press release) had a great time celebrating her first "adult" birthday party. Here are shots from last week:

The Birthday Girl

1. Jeng with my katokayo Joann 2. Decorations committee members Dolfo & Jen 3. in my party hat 4. group pic: Jen, Nina, Rhea, Jeng, Joann, Tess, Dines & Dianne 5. Jen near the pool (di kita yung pool sorry) 6. another group pic: Dolfo, Jeng, Moi, Nina, Rhea, Joann, Tess & Hubby, Dines, Dianne & Jen 6. The girls: Rhea, Dianne, Nina, Dines, Jeng, Joan, Moi & Jen 7. Dolfo & Jeng 8. Moi & sister Jen1. Birthday girl having fun, lots of booze grabe! 2. sleeping beauties 3. Jenny 4. dance number (Don't Cha by PCD) from the birthday girl

Also happy birthday (July 15) to my good friend Pen! Love yah!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006


Time of the year for Rockstar season 2 reality show. This year's contenders are all super but sadly somebody has to go home every week. Last night was the first epi and as early as episode 1, I already have my pick. Here are my best bets:

Toby Rand - Australia

My first pick although he's not all too rocker he has a connection with the audience, good pitch and nice bod (hehehe go go surfer dude!). His version of Bob Dylan's Knockin' on Heaven's Door is already a classic. He can be a hollywood movie star too with his looks & intensity. Way to go mate!

Dilana - USA/Africa

You guys should watch her performance! It is available at Rockstar Supernova's website. She gave Kurt Cobain some competition by performing Nirvana's great song Lithium. Her style was superb too, imagine just standing there then rocking on - she made Tommy Lee speechless.

Lukas Rossi - Canada

Reminds me a lot of punk rock guys like Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance & Blik 182. He performed Billy Idol's Rebel Yell & hell yeah he nailed it. Looks like a guy of great potential ang nice personality. He has been on the streets since he's a kid and I'm sure that made him grounded.

And for my fave look wise (yep not talent wise, but he's okay I guess or he wouldn't be a finalist out of 25,000 aspirants from all around the globe). Presenting:

Phil Ritchie - USA

He performed Living Colour's Cult of Personality from 1988 Vivid album hits (I did my homework, I researched). He's a hottie and although he looks like Zach Braff in this photo on TV he's really lean and not too much of a hardcore rocker in appearance. He has class and Tommy knows it he even commented that he's --(some rocker I wasn't able to get the name, I think Mick Jagger) who went to finishing school.

I went to the website early today and found out that Matt was already eliminated, I thought it's gonna be Chris, good for Chris he still has a shot to redeem himself.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fever + Rising Temperature = HOT

“Do you have plans for tonight Tita Anne?”

Got that message from my good friend Dinah. Knowing the ever busy Dines, I thought she needs a friend to talk to because something happened. Told here nothing special was planned for that night (and of course I wanted to be there for her for whatever reasons she has - why she wanted to meet up). She asked me if I could go with her and watch Bench Fever, she got 2 tickets with good seats. Thinking it was a movie (Benchwarmers was the one I was thinking about), told her I’d be happy to go with her. She gave me the game plan (she’ll pick me up after office then we’re off to Makati, she’ll park the car there then we’ll catch the MRT going to Cubao) – I was lost why go to Cubao to watch a movie when both of us are working here in Alabang. Town Centre would be the perfect choice but when I reviewed her initial message, hmmm Bench Fever not warmers pala (I was actually confused cos I am aware that the movie was shown weeks ago and I doubt it if there are still cinemas screening it, with Superman invading all cinemas that week). Yikes, okay underwear and jeans fashion show pala.

Temperature’s rising (at ang daming bading!!!), we were sitting on a good spot not knowing what to expect. Then the show started, everybody went wild. At first Dines & I were just sitting there okay lots of models in their underwear so what? But when celebs we know emerged on the cat walk, we then found ourselves paying attention to the show. As in all eyes.

Special mention to my personal favorites who deserves wails & cheers & admiration (hehehe): Jake Cuenca, Zanjoe, Bianca King, Rafael Rosel, Francine Prieto, Ruffa Mae and Alex de Rossi. And the highlight of the show? Not Richard & Lucy (although they’re the finale) it’s Ai Ai and Keanna! Yep yep – these two paraded in their under wears.

Village People and Sister Sledge performed some of their hits and they entertained the crowd.

The show was really something. I will post the okay (wholesome lang) pictures from my camera phone soon (yes nakuhanan ko sila!!!).