Friday, May 25, 2012

Lifehouse 2.0, M & Today

When I watched Lifehouse in 2008 I was with my bestfriends, this time is more special because W, the number 1 fan of the band would be able to watch them.  My day would be packed tomorrow but I'm excited...for a million different things.

I just love this week that passed, this weekend, everything about it.

My friend M rose from a long FB pause.  Well it's not that FB is a priority but he completely spaced out for a while.  I'm just happy he loves his independence now, loves life in general.  Apir dear!

I should work now, time will be in a haste today I know.  Rhei and I will paint Makati pink (for kikay).

Happy weekend boys & girls!  God bless us all!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Barney's Bride

picture from the web

It’s been a while, I know.  I just want to drop a little note before I see the full episode where we’ll all find out (here in the Phils.) who ends up with who in HIMYM.  I know it was my girl Robin but everyone is still rooting for the Ted-Robin Tandem.  And of course Lily & Marshall’s bet is still on.  Ted will meet the kids’ mother on  Barney’s wedding but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be the love of Ted’s life because that spot was already filled, am I right?  Oh yes I know I’m right.

PS: Cobie looks so cool in Avengers but my mind can't help but anticipate in what scene will the rest of the HIMYM pop out?  I'm such a fan I know.  Catch the 1 hour special of the HIMYM season finale tonight at 8 on 2nd Ave. (This is not a paid plug).

Happy weekend boys & girls!