Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dina(h) and Dino

Belated happy birthday Dines and happy birthday (today) to Dinercs.
God bless you both :)

photo taken at Omakase (advance celeb dinner for Dinah's day)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hello 2010

You might think that I am probably very excited for 2009 to end and for 2010 to arrive. I am not and I don’t feel any indifference as well. Let’s just say that I expect 2010 to be here any moment now the same way 6 months of 2009 passed without me noticing it. It was that fast that I didn’t have the time to think analyze and plan at all.

Time flies when you’re having fun so they say and in my opinion time runaway from me. Time is always in a rush and is running all the time. Oh well we can’t do anything about its phase.. but we can always make it worthwhile.

Enjoy the week everyone!

PS: Happy Birthday Dines!!!