Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Real Life Story

I am a movieholic, I love watching movies, old & new ones, mainstream or art films. I used to do reviews, I don’t know why I don’t do any of it anymore. Everybody’s busy I know, I am and have always been but I always have the time before to go watch the latest and give it my two cents.

Was it because movies are now available for downloads after a week or so that it was shown in theatres (thanks to torrents)? Or was it because movie tickets now costs a fortune? Or was it because I don’t have a movie buddy to go with? Or was it because there are just no more worth watching flicks anymore? Yes maybe to AB&C but never to D.

I was watching Something Borrowed last night on my very dependable iPod, not for Kate Hudson but because I really like Ginnifer Goodwin and that if I would associate myself to a movie actress I would love her to be in my circle. The roles she play – always an underdog – is something that I (as a viewer) feel for, something that all of us, at one point in our lives can relate to. I like how you would continually guess how the movie would end. Guess #1 is that she would end up with Jon Krasinski, that’s always the case in feel good movies, while you have your eye on someone who doesn’t like you the way you like him or her there will always be this other person who loves you the way you love the other and at the end of the day the happy ending is that you deserved to be the first choice so you’ll end up and you’ll realize that this person you do not adore at the beginning is your one true love (I may have confused you more but I know you get the drift, don’t you?). But I was wrong. Guess #2 is that the best friend Darcy (Kate H.) would be the best friend you wanted, she’ll let you have the guy. She’s selfish at the beginning but would truly be a “friend” in the end and you’ll live happily ever after with the guy (whom you love from the very start but you’re too afraid to let your feelings known that he ends up being the fiancĂ©’ of your best friend). I won’t be writing how the movie ends it is best you watch it if you’re interested.

Why am I babbling about this movie? It is because this movie made me realize that my life lacks the story that is worth telling over and over again. I am blessed not to have encounter too many failures that would give me the chance to retell my story on how I rose from below. I do not have an interesting rag to riches, princess from pauper story. I have never been a damsel in distress, I have never been anybody’s meantime girl nor did I been a “one who got away” character. I have the most boring story. I wake up I do the day’s work and then I rest at night. I sound like I am complaining, I guess I am – a little but I am thankful for the things and people I have in my life right now. There are just times when you want to feel colourful and hyper from the events of the day. And because when the lights are out, my eyes are just closed, my mind adrift that after a couple of hours I have to open them up and resume with the routine that is MY LIFE.

Am I ranting? I’m not. Do I have a point? I don’t. So what do I want? Nothing. That’s it – I want nothing at least I believe I want nothing.

PS: I do not own the photo :)