Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lil Jude

jude-o Posted by Hello

I cannot believe it! My 10 years old favorite nephew wants to be circumcised! Oh no! This is not possible... I have asked him to wait until I get home so that I can see how he is & how he handles this big thing.

He's growing up and oh so fast. The cute little boy with curly locks now wants to be a man. He has asked my Dad to allow him to undergo this thing & for a boy his age it would take guts.

This boy whom I have noticed to wipe his cheeks every time we kiss him now cannot wait to become a man. But although signs of maturity can be seen already in his young years he still remains to be sweet, never failed to tell me his "I love you" when I call.

How I wish I could witness this big leap in my nephew’s life. Oh well, I will always & forever be the stage tita.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Your calling... priestly vocation?

Father Jonal...forgive me for I have sinned Posted by Hello

Hehehe, this is Jonal :) do you think he got what it takes to become a priest? Stupid joke, dude cencia na okay... oh well, girls will cry if you do.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I must really practice my Italian, I have this disease of starting things & not ending them, hehehe. My eagerness to learn the language wanes already, I need to pick up where I stopped, who knows I'm off to Italy soon (wishing & wishing).

I am so amazed with the pages of other bloggers, how can they have such wonderful sites? Arghh! I really must learn the beauty of this piece.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Unconditional Jenny

I’d rather fight with you that make love to another woman.
-Nick Mercer, The Wedding Date-

Being sick for 2 days is tragic, makes me miss my Mom so much. Being sick makes you sick of boredom, hehehe, do I make sense? I am now home staring at the blank page of my laptop for the longest time scrambling my thoughts on what to write today but when finally the light bulb of my mind flashed brightly I figured out what I want to write about. My ramblings would evolve on my good friend Jenny.

You see Jenny is blessed with the capability, a unique and very special talent of loving. She is the epitome’ of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. A craft that we her friends find as something admirable but often the not too revolting.

The reason I am writing stuffs about my friend Jen is because I was able to have a very touching conversation with her just this week. Pouring your heart’s content to a friend is something I always do when I am down but it was the first time that Jenny thoroughly poured what she feels to me. We had chats and talks about this before but an in-depth one with tears involved is a different story. Yes with tears & believe it or not the tears were not just Jen’s it was mostly mine.

Jen’s love for someone is not really the “will melt you down” type, it is more of a “will crush your heart into pieces when hurt” kind of thing. It is the 1st Corinthians 13 sort of approach and I have never met someone in my years of existence a person who owns a heart like hers. I am not in the position to publish her story online but this folks is what I would like to leave to all, as Jen would put it, it’s not really martyrdom or dumbness that would lead you to stick to one person who have done you wrong. It is love and if you have it you’ll be able to find it in your heart to forgive the person. I am not saying that I agree with Jen 100% it is more of admiring the kind of love and endurance that she has. And to the lucky bastard, you do not deserve my friend… you’re very fortunate she loves you.

Here’s to you Jen, you’re a kick-ass girl and you can make it. You’re smart I know you’ll do the right thing. I’m here to back you up. Way to go girl!

PS: I have nothing against the “bastard” personally because I know that he is also a great person in his own way. But he can do better than this. Get a grip man & be man enough.

Until next time bloggers.

PPS: Have you ever experienced being totally pathetic by using something you don't own just to remember the scent of this one person you misses so much? I did, hehehe just this weekend ;p

Monday, April 18, 2005

you love me but... & others

you love me but...

i have liked this song for sometime now, i am sharing the lyrics just incase others are interested (as if there are people who read this):

one more kiss could be the best thing one more lie could be the worst and all these thoughts are never resting and you're not something i deserve in my head there's only you now this world falls on me in this world, there's real and make believe this seems real to me you love me, but you dont know who i am i'm torn between this life i lead and where i stand you love me, but you don't know who i am so let me go let me go i dream we head to what i hope for and i turn my back on loving you how could this love be a good thing when i know what i'm going through in my head there's only you now this world falls on me in this world, there's real and make believe this seems real to me you love me, but you dont know who i am i'm torn between this life i lead and where i stand you love me, but you dont know who i am so let me go, just let me go no matter how hard i try i cant escape these things inside i know, i know but all the pieces fall apart you will be the only one who knows who knows you love me, but you dont know who i am i'm torn between this life i lead and where i stand, you love me, but you don't know who i am so let me go just let me go you love me, but you dont you love me, but you dont you love me, but you dont know who i am you love me, but you dont you love me, but you dont you love me, but you dont know me...


I didn’t realize that things could go from bad to worse on days that you least expect it. From bad news to worse news then worst news of all.

I grew up with my pamangkins. I was six when my eldest niece was born. I was in grade 5 when she started school, we practically bonded all our lives. When I graduated from college, she started hers. We like the same tv shows, same movies, some music (not all), same clothes (& accessories cos she uses mine ALL THE TIME, on most cases she gets the scolding hehehe). But now, her left eye could go blind. At a very young age she used to complain about her left eye saying it’s all blurry when she use it and stuff but she doesn’t make a big deal out of it & everyone in the family does the same. It was ignored until the last time when she told me that she dread the summer cos it makes her eyes all puffy & dry. I told her she might need an eyeglass to protect her from the dust. I took her to an optometrist for the glasses stuff and that is when the doctor said that there is something wrong with her left eye, it is best that an ophthalmologist look at it. I dunno but when something like this happen my tear ducts loses their control & cannot hold back their mist. I am such a crybaby and it made me really sad. After some tests they said she might undergo an eye operation.

It seems like one by one sickness (in various disguises) attack the people I love even myself included. My best friend is suffering from ulcer in Cambodia, my Mom’s thyroid glands is under observation while my blood clots all the time or if it doesn’t its like water, my favorite nephew nose’s bleed when he has fever or colds. And now my niece… she could go blind at such a young age.

And in times like this, when you feel that someone has been so cruel at you the person you would like to run to abandons you. It is really sad but that’s the way things already are. I couldn’t be more grateful for my family and friends, they stick with me when others don’t. This is the cue for the next segue. My shout outs to the people who have been there hanging on with me... (to be continued)

Saturday, April 16, 2005


finally a blog of my own. i have been planning to have one since time immemorial but i guess time is not supporting my desire to make one. welcome friends & strangers. feel free to read, comment, laugh, cry, criticize or even be mad at my random thoughts. until then, i'll be back with more stupidity, craziness and whatever it is that my sleep walking mind will share with you.

Friday, April 15, 2005

the fountain of youth

i just thought i'd put a pic in here, since im still exploring this thing i have been experimenting a little. i am not that techie, things like this amazes me.

anyway it's friday and my friends are in galleria buzzing through job fairs. reminds me a lot of college days where cutting classes is a way of life (but not to be self righteous or whatever, i don't cut classes... I'M SERIOUS, you can even ask gabs ;)). my friends escaped from their jobs for the day to stroll, wish i could be with them.

mid-summer already, the beaches (& bitches) are calling me. arghhh!!! i should get a life.