Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Get Well Soon Vines!

Yes, get well soon my dear friend... she's not in the picture, bakit nga ba? My friends (Saree, Zie & Gabs) & I went to visit our good friend Vina last Sunday. Vina just got out from the hospital due to a major operation. It went well thankfully and now my friend is on towards full recovery. My cute inaanak Chase was there (too bad walang pic) and charming Wyatt. Kulit ng mga kiddos - kaaaliw.
moi, Zie & Gabs

Below: Saree, Zie & Gabs uli

Loved & Always

Got this cutie bear from my sweetie last Vday. I was really surprised cos I didn't expect to receive something this Vday but guess I was wrong... I am loved and will always be. Thanks sweetie!

I named the fellow Prince Gian (hehehe PH fanatic), I know "she" sya but this is my teddy, no one can mess up with me & I don't care hehehe.

PS: Thanks to Princess Sophie for the effort... I'll see you both in 2 months. Can't wait to see be with you.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Pre-Valentine Thoughts

I made a pact with myself this weekend. No more negative energy, just enjoy life and be happy. It is really hard to be happy “happy” all I can do for now is happy “ha-ha-ha” but it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I know for a fact that I am not alone, I am blessed with my great family and with good friends.

I had the chance to bond with my good friend Zie last Friday & Saturday. She’s now in Bora enjoying the sun & sand – I should have been with her if only she booked me on that trip hehehe. But it’s okay because I am so looking forward to the goodies that she’ll buy for me.

I finished PH, hooray! Nice story – if only love will be like that for all of us. Well there are some like me who I think are not that fortunate enough to have a great romance but I am not complaining. I am having a little difficulty but I am sure that the best is yet to come.

I am so blessed that my favorite boy(space)friend is still my good friend and that he’ll always be around. I am lucky to have my other boy(space)friend Ses who’s been acting as my conscience nowadays. Friends who knows how stupid I am but still they’re there, supportive and loving me just the same. And the girls, my girls Jen & Rovs – listeners of my non-stop rants and few raves. The bestest best friend in the world – who never fail to make the situation so wonderfully amusing. And Sophie, who seconded every motion – the way you did it shakes the cobwebs on my hard head.

Thanks to Monique for the pleadings – you saved my ass from my professor hehehe. Salamat talaga to the nth power, galing ng gawa mong ejection complaint.

Special mention to my good good friend Atty. Joel (so many Joels oo). Who have risen from the silence. Good thing you’re bored my dear at least napapadpad ka sa South to cheer me & yourself up. ATC is a good getaway from the Loovapalooza ain’t it? Thank you very much for the purple book rest. The story behind it melts my heart. Thanks for the effort (lahat ng effort) – I have really missed you and I am looking forward to having more good chats & moments with you. A good friend really knows you in a lot of ways, from colors you like to the way you like things arranged. At dahil malapit na ang araw ng mga puso, binabati ko na kayong lahat – to those who’ll spend it with their honeys make the day really special and those who’ll be spending it with great friends like me – bless you all!

One Drunken Night

This is what I got one drunken night in Macau. I got home in one piece but my shoes did not - I lost a ribbon and the heel of the other. Who cares? I had tons of fun :)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

sobrang late!!!

Christmas dinner at Soul Food Greenbelt 3 with college 'kada (Gene, Redj, Faye, Zie, Gabs, Vines & Saree). It was then followed with coffee at Starbucks GB1 and lotsa chika.

with Mommy Redj, Faye, Zie & moi (di ko kaya emote ni Mommy & Faye :D)

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's Been...

a while since I had my last post. I have tons of pics to upload and share with you guys however my laptop made during the 18th century won't let me. He's again trying to tell me that he's the boss and I am just a bossaboss. Yes I pertain to him as a "he" cos' he's so bossy, too moody and feeling grouchy all the time. He can be a dependable guy but you have to get on his good side. As of the moment he's blaring with my Snow Patrol CD and telling me to stop fretting about school, stop worrying about Ben and to stop acting really stupid. I told him I need Prozac, not directly actually but he read it through an email I made to my bestfriend. Another email for Ben later and hell he'll know I'm feeling all crappy cos I am very worried. This guy was my bestfriend in my loneliest hours (this IBM laptop not Ben). He's been with me in my nicest days, he laughed with me and he cried with me he also scolded me through emails I received from concerned citizens. Why am I blabbing about my laptop? Simply because he deserves praises - malapit na syang magretire hehehe. Nga ba? Depends on Luchie.

Segue, midterms now finish... on with the race for finals. I admit I am always absent, with all the right reasons. I got sick, I need to finish something for work, I had an emergency and then I got sick again, I feel bad during the day that I don't want to go to school in the evening and the classic excuse (na di naman dapat), I think I'll be called in the recit and I am not prepared. Estudyanyte blues hehehe na di ko ika-a-asenso. Di naman ako tamad na estudyante because I have reasons why I am always NOT in the classroom instead of being inside. I now cross my fingers... sana I'll pass the QPI. Sayang naman should I decide to continue.

I've been missing a lot of people lately. Ofcourse my sweetie - I wanna go where she is to celebrate her birthday with her this March (di ko girlfriend ok? I still like boys, we both do hehehe). My Kuya Berns, Kuya Berns ano ka ba, the guy on the pic with me is paboritong pinsang "Darwin" heller look closer mama na kase si Win eh. I miss my pamangkins, I miss my other girls... the Jologs, exMLAers (so looking forward to the slumber party), Tita Kimmy, my Pops, Boks Jian, Jude and Ben. Yes walang kupas na si Ben. I miss him so much that I don't know where to begin.

No it's not hormones, not even close to the time of the month. I'm just feeling really low, missing my friends. I don't have the time to meet them anymore, buti na lang Philip has a racket lately that I consider meeting up with him & other friends for coffee as gimmick already. I miss my late night tambay with friends at GB3. I miss them all period. Sinisira na ng law ang buhay ko, ang social life ko hehehe. Can't wait for the summer vacation. I am so looking forward to spending time at the beach, gala with friends and go really far, out of the country not go back ever again, sleep late, tumakas at magpa ampon kay Marco.

Now get the picture? I really need meds for my fucked up mind.

PS: Advance Happy Birthday to the following:

another fave cousin of mine - Nicole who'll be turning 18 next week.
my good friend Vina
Chris Tan (nasan ka na?)
another friend Neneng
ny niece Mengay
etc... if I ever I miss out anyone I know its my fault!

I think I am watching everything from space - sabe sa Finish Line song ng Snow Patrol. Yan din feeling ko minsan. There are times when I see my life rolling by while I stood motionless on the sideline. It's a weird feeling seeing your life get pass through you. Parang buhay na patay ka. Meaningless yet full of emotions. I know some of you get it others don't. Sa mga nakakagets, thanks sa pakikiramay.

I'm off tawag na ko ni Juardo (aka OBLICON guru, lech).