Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Wishing everyone a fruitful year of the dog!!!

Yeah I know it seems like I have abandoned this space when all I can think about during the last weeks was what to write, what topic to amuse you guys and what are the things that happened to me… things that deserves a great hoo-hah. And as I wander through a lot of work and work and more work I have realized that I bled during the last 2 weeks, was black and blue due to strenuous emotional roller coaster the I didn’t decide nor planned to ride on.

I am having a debacle with zzz’s yeah yeah with sleep and other zz’s. A zit (not just one but a few due to lack of sleep) and zero, oh I hated it.

The Thinker vs the Feeler

Pen is a feeler, Jenny is a feelker while I am a thinker. I admit I am but who cares? It’s not like admitting it will change anything, my point is just that… what’s my point? Gee I don’t have one. I just know I am a thinker and how I hate being one. I would actually want to be a feeler, yeah that would be nice. I would love to be able to embrace reality without my mind advancing to the next couple of years… without my mind racing through a lot of negative what ifs. It would be nice being a feeler. Like when you never ever gonna need to time the minutes that have passed when two knees touched and just feel the moment. Like when a simple touch to look at something in you wouldn’t be a big deal. I should have let things happen and carpe diem.

I am at my best when I am alone vs no man is an island (aka the more the merrier duh not really more but when with someone hehehe)

Now who am I kidding? Ah I forgot I was lying to myself, gritting my teeth not wanting my nose to flare up. Doing the lying trick when my nose should not twitch & my eyes should not blink. And so far I can say that I am doing just fine.

For making you waste your precious time on this one, I am sorry. For a thinker, can’t get on with this one.

New Year new life... let's do it.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Prince Who Turns into a Frog

Aka GMA’s The Frog Prince.

I have spent 21 hours of my Saturday & today, Sunday… 21 grueling but worth it non-stop hours full of laughter, kilig & tears watching 183 Club & 7 Forever. I have this gut feeling before base on very few episodes I was able to watch that The Frog Prince chinovela is cute, I was right it was. It exceeded my expectations on a scale of 1 to 10 (I gave Full House a 9 & Attic Cat an 8.99) The Prince Who Turns into a Frog is a 9.2 (tough race between the 3 hehehe, Meteor Garden is still a 9.5).

What made it better than Full House? A lot of factors actually, it includes acting, location & setting, plot, videography & cinematography. I admire how each important scene was shot & edited. The emphasis on the distance when 2 characters are having a fit, when one is being bumped by a car, when one would kiss another, etc. The story is typical but the writers were able to add a lot of twists that can make a viewer stick to it & very interested. It is a touching soap that gives importance to the family, friendship, and other things that matters most in life… making money immaterial but trust & loyalty relevant.

Now the best part, it will make you believe that fairy tales do come true in little special ways and in a time you least expect it. Best part I said but it made me depressed (sigh 1 million times). It ended happily just like all other fairy tales but it made me sunk more into the sofa. Why you would ask (speculations may include the theory that because I am single & desperately seeking for my prince – but NO) it is because I didn’t gave the actors the attention they deserve when they went here to the Philippines! Hehehe, super cute ni Shang Hao & Zizhing (dunno their real names but that’s their names on DVD sa pinas I believe they were named Ronald/Tango and Willy). Oh well a girl can dream – lagi na lang.

As a consequence, I have stood up 2 lakads with friends. First cencia na to Moi, Julius, Wang et al I wasn’t able to meet you guys at GB3 last night (my reasons are valid & because I was glued watching the video) then I passed on a mall trip with a friend. Bawi na lang ako sa inyo guys, sorry!

There I’m done, I need to write about this or the moment will just pass me by hehehe. Monday tomorrow, another new week – wish it is the weekend once again. I miss my best friend Luchie – haven’t slept well since she left last yesterday at dawn.

I’m now just crossing my fingers that this week will soon pass and that I will discover another Asian soap to gloat & rave about. Have a great week to all.

Goodluck to Jores on his first day at work!