Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Wishing everyone a fruitful year of the dog!!!

Yeah I know it seems like I have abandoned this space when all I can think about during the last weeks was what to write, what topic to amuse you guys and what are the things that happened to me… things that deserves a great hoo-hah. And as I wander through a lot of work and work and more work I have realized that I bled during the last 2 weeks, was black and blue due to strenuous emotional roller coaster the I didn’t decide nor planned to ride on.

I am having a debacle with zzz’s yeah yeah with sleep and other zz’s. A zit (not just one but a few due to lack of sleep) and zero, oh I hated it.

The Thinker vs the Feeler

Pen is a feeler, Jenny is a feelker while I am a thinker. I admit I am but who cares? It’s not like admitting it will change anything, my point is just that… what’s my point? Gee I don’t have one. I just know I am a thinker and how I hate being one. I would actually want to be a feeler, yeah that would be nice. I would love to be able to embrace reality without my mind advancing to the next couple of years… without my mind racing through a lot of negative what ifs. It would be nice being a feeler. Like when you never ever gonna need to time the minutes that have passed when two knees touched and just feel the moment. Like when a simple touch to look at something in you wouldn’t be a big deal. I should have let things happen and carpe diem.

I am at my best when I am alone vs no man is an island (aka the more the merrier duh not really more but when with someone hehehe)

Now who am I kidding? Ah I forgot I was lying to myself, gritting my teeth not wanting my nose to flare up. Doing the lying trick when my nose should not twitch & my eyes should not blink. And so far I can say that I am doing just fine.

For making you waste your precious time on this one, I am sorry. For a thinker, can’t get on with this one.

New Year new life... let's do it.

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