Sunday, December 05, 2010

Mood Board

...can be very addicting :)

mood board 1, I love the headband, will DIY this for the FGs

Initially I didn't want one because there's none readily available for download on the web. Then I channeled to the inner creativeness within me and viola! I was able to make 2 :)

mood board 2, I'm still battling whether my shoes will be purple or turquoise, paging MOH Luchie, when are we going shoe shopping betsy?

I am sharing them here because I am so proud of myself (hehehe), more can be found on our wedsite.

Weekend is over but no reason to be sad. Even after Tyong Stephen left we set our minds that he's just on vacation and not gone forever. Christmas is fast approaching and I haven't done any shopping yet. But no need to panic, I have already sent my pastry goddess aunt (Tita Eden) my & W's orders, we will give a few friends and some families pastries, saving us the trouble of thinking what to give them - if they will like it or not because I'm sure they'll love the baked goodies.