Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

to all of you! May you and your families be blessed this season of Love & Joy!

Chaos on FB hehehe, yes my dear friends it's confirmed.

The change in status is for real :)

Enjoy the holidays!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Have...

News... Updates and Chismaxes!!!


Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lost, Found, Lost

I had a viewing bonanza (on my iPod) last night in this order, season 2 episode 3 of 90210 (one of my guilty pleasures, don't mock me okay), The Ugly Truth then lastly The Reader (you can tell that I went to bed around 1 am). I don't know if it's because of the unhappiness theme of both movies (hephep walang kokontra - The Ugly Truth I know had a happy ending and it's the reason why I'm saying it's a sad one, a fake happiness, more about this later) that I grabbed my stylus and started writing this paragraph on my phone organizer:

"It's crazy being in love, you do all sorts of stupid things like NOT doing any(some)thing even if the act means saving the life of the person you care about. It makes you cry, laugh, brings a lot of absurdities and happiness in life all at the same time, how stupid is that right? Like the song "Found", is there any good in being lost that one would dare not to be found? Is there such a thing as a good loss (hehehe good riddance is not love)? Just be in the abyss? The writer would yell "Hell yes!" because being lost some(any)where with the person you love is worth it. That at the end of the day everyone is just a cuddle kind of guy/gal. We all want to be with someone to feel loved. It is not the fear of being alone that we would want to be in a relationship (even how messy and hateful it is). It is more about being afraid to overflow, to feel overwhelmed since there is no such thing as just being plainly whelmed because you have so much to give, so much to offer, too much to take with no one to catch everything you've thrown at the end of the line. Love is crazy, it's stupid, it's the most unpredictable Thing (if it's non-living), Feeling (if it's emotion), Guy (if it's a person) or Girl (if it's me hehehe) in the world. The most wanted yet most dreaded."

Why am I blabbing about this last night? Because I'm a cliche. I am feeling just whelmed no pre or suffixes (if you know what I mean).

More Ugly Truths about the Ugly Truth soon (I don't feel like writing anymore hehehe). Enjoy the week girls and boys, I hope everyone's alright after the shower baths & tubs brought by Ondoy & Pepeng. Be thankful we're all still breathing, I know I am.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Okay here we go...

The weather (especially the rain), the holidays & long weekends, a birthday coming up, DVDs of movies and TV series – all contributed to a sudden inspiration that made me write again. I’ve zoned out for weeks (months) now, posting nothing but pictures and breathing entries (messages informing that I am still alive). I’ve attended a lot of events with friends and families that I usually write stuff about but since I’ve been zoning out and zombying (not an official word) I didn’t post anything of these said events here. I have a lot of time if I want too, having all of those holidays have given me ample of time to write but because I was too tired (and lazy) to do so, all I did was just formulate sentences & paragraphs in my head. I never reached the actual writing part.

Ranking my news and not so new blah blah, I have to start with the shallowest bit of info. Years ago I was hooked on Tru Calling because I love Luc. I stopped watching when he died, Matthew Bomer was the only thing that got me addicted on that show in the first place. So after several years (4 years) he’s back as Bryce Larkin on Chuck. I was uber happy (shallow I told you) when I saw him... so I’m dividing my attention between him and my new love Chuck (Zachary Levi).

When one ages in any acceptable fashion (be it gracefully, dramatically, drastic, pathetic, whatever) you are forced to look back at the past year that went by and to ask the question what happened. You may remember happy gatherings, surprise parties, a special person, a very fabulous gift, something you have bought, something painful, an embarrassing situation, an accident, a love story, sweet words, proud moments, monumental achievements and other things that made a topsy-turvy impact in your another year older life. When I was younger (than I am today) I called it the birthday jitters but now that I am old (yes older) jitters seem immature. The word jitters seems to lose its glitter (jitters glitters hehehe it rhymes). Two weeks from now I’ll be stepping into another race, end of the line for the 20s and I am at that moment when I am forced to ask myself what I did the past year.

I have realized that the way I am to my family changed a lot big time. This is one part of my life where I don’t know how to feel, I am already numb (in a good way I guess). Don’t get me wrong, nothing about this (my family) is bad... I love them to death and I am happy. I am just tired. Tired, but happy. Defensive as it may sound I really am happy. But I am always tired, physically and mentally.

Work has always and will forever be a blessing. I am happy and contented with my work. I am thankful that during the trying times, the economic turmoil, the financial crisis – I have a job. I am satisfied but most of the time stressed and tired. Maybe because of the load, maybe because of the scheduling, maybe because of a lot of things. Defensive again as it may sound, I am happy and thankful of the job that makes me tired.

Because of my demanding family and job I am left with very little time for my friends. I am blessed with different group of friends – my best friend, the guy, my college kada (the jologs & the guys), my HS friends, my work friends. I may not see them all very often but we always keep in touch.

I am enumerating my blessings because I am grateful. The last year may give yawn a yawn (that’s how boring it is) but it made me ponder on what is really important in life.

As I look back, there is nothing from it that I would change. My life may lack the lustre of a myriad color wheel but it was a life well lived.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

still here

yes I am.

I am also excited about...Josh's bday month...lots & lots of good movies in theaters...more & more.

PS: Next month's International Book fair yipee!!! I have read the books I'm supposed to read that is why I can attend, hah!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Not a single dry Filipino eye in the last 6 days... a historical event that sadly will make us all miss a great woman.

Photo is not mine, I stole it okay? I got it from the web, peace out!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dina(h) and Dino

Belated happy birthday Dines and happy birthday (today) to Dinercs.
God bless you both :)

photo taken at Omakase (advance celeb dinner for Dinah's day)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hello 2010

You might think that I am probably very excited for 2009 to end and for 2010 to arrive. I am not and I don’t feel any indifference as well. Let’s just say that I expect 2010 to be here any moment now the same way 6 months of 2009 passed without me noticing it. It was that fast that I didn’t have the time to think analyze and plan at all.

Time flies when you’re having fun so they say and in my opinion time runaway from me. Time is always in a rush and is running all the time. Oh well we can’t do anything about its phase.. but we can always make it worthwhile.

Enjoy the week everyone!

PS: Happy Birthday Dines!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I haven’t written anything that is essential to human existence in the last months (as if I do in all those months that I started this blog hehehe). Well I’m back and I’m here to post some of the Boracay pictures from last weekend. It was a crazy vacay and I am so glad I was able to spend it with family and dear friends.

Puka Beach


palm trees (obvious naman eh)

Mama & Papa

sailboat, I used Luchie's cam in capturing this really nice view

more from Puka Beach

Luchie: Anne dali-dalian mo...
Anne: eto na nga di na magkanda kumahog kakadali...
Rhea: hay naku Tita anne ang tagal mo...
Dines: nakakinip kayo ah...
(I don't know what's the real story behind this pic, let's just say the dialogues above means something hehehe)

ofcourse, the travelling hand... di pwedeng mawala :D

lounging under the sun (with Rhea and Dines)

Jude reluctanly smiling for the camera

group pic: Luchie, yours truly, Chard, Dines, Sophie & Rhea

at White Beach

at Alta Vista de Boracay's infinity pool

I really like it there in Boracay, I love the beach, the place (White Beach) being swamped with people which is the complete opposite of Puka Beach because it is so serene, something I liked about it a lot (we were so happy we went there but we also love people watching at the main beach stretch) and I really like our hotel, it was the best. But I am still in love with Panglao in Bohol. Speaking of Bohol, owners of Villa de Sol (the place we stayed at while on vacation in Bohol last year) asked me if they can use my photos on their site... nice :)

... photos from Richard & Luchie's cam

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pinoy Talaga

There's a new Korean craze storming the Philippines... kids, teens & the not so young especially girls are going gaga over the Korean F4. And by writing about it here there is no denying that I like the show too (not as much as I like Princess Hours, Dalja's Spring and Coffee Prince hehehe). I finished the whole DVD last night and while watching the end credits I can't help but laugh... kaya naman pala maganda pagkakatranslate, mga pinoy gumawa... here's the reason why I confirmed that the piracy was 100% (or maybe in collaboration with their Korean friends?) done by Filipinos:see what I mean? there are a lot of funny subtitles in Tagalog

I won't give any spoiler because we all know what's gonna happen it was just pretty much the same with Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2... Meteor Garden is very different although it was based on the same manga. Yaman na ng writer nito, di ako magugulat kung magkakaron ng Tagalog version.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Platelets are Love

A friend of the Jologs (Denden, a classmate of ours from college) is doing a fundraiser for her nephew, the event is called Platelets are Love. Everyone is invited to attend this good cause. It's on June 3 (Wednesday) 9pm at Mag:Net Highstreet (at the Fort).

This is the type of events where we should waste our time (and money) on. We can help while enjoying good music.

Happy Thursday everyone, hope to see you next week on this event. Please pray for the recovery of Denden's nephew Angelo :). Thanks!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

AI 2009 Top 3

My prediction (as always) is correct, the AI top 3 for this season will all be male.

Should I say "Congratulations Adam" already? Hmmm, too soon...

Monday, May 04, 2009

A Walk in the Park

When my sister & I were young we used to have picnics and trips to the zoo, the park and other play grounds, my parents took us to those type of amusement locations. It was very different before because shopping malls are strictly for its main purpose only – for shopping. There are countable times when my Mama go to the malls (sometimes we went with her – as long as we promised that we will not ask her to buy us anything even cheap toys, etc.) – before Christmas, Birthdays (or if she’ll be attending a wedding, she needs to buy a gift, or our shoes if we’re on the entourage) and before classes starts (for the school supplies & again shoes). But now with the emergence of shopping malls that says “we got it all for you” and its competitors malling (which is not even a word in the dictionary) is already a lakwatsa experience to a child. My nephews and nieces are not familiar with museums (except during their school field trips – which occasionally also includes a trip to the mall, so ironic) or national parks & other small zoos. All my pamangkins knows is that when we will go out for pasyal we are going to the mall. We changed all of it last Sunday, while Papa was busy with the Paquioa-Hatton fight, my Ma, my sister and I took my pamangkins to a picnic at the Rizal Park. My small pamangkins saw the park in their text books and we thought it would be great if they could see the real thing. Here are some shots from yesterday’s trip. It feels amazing seeing them running, kite flying and just simply living the way kids should. It’s a great time for them – away from the television, away from their gaming consoles... just having pure fun and enjoyment.

yes oh yes - picture taking katanghaliang tapat hehehe

Jian - intently watching Rizal's guards

with Nini & Jian


Nini - always ready for a shot (nakikinikinita ko na ang paglaki ng batang ito hehehe mahilig sa picture taking)

with Jian

kite flying - Jian and Jude

Jian and Jude

sarap maging bata

Next stop - the Avilon Zoo, I hope they enjoy the experience :)

Happy Monday everyone, I know boxing pa rin ang favorite topic ng lahat. Enjoy your victory (sa mga pumusta) and balato naman :p

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Iba talaga...

pag may friends kang nagmamahal sayo... everyone is backing you up... eveyone wants to knock out some sense to the thick (face) skull of a certain psychotic grinch.

From Jen's site, nais nyang iparating kay Inday...

Mahirap kalabanin ang alyansa ng mga MD - Magagandang Dalaga. Ladies, mga mahal kong friends... cool lang lahat okay? Di nya tayo kaya, baka mapuno ang pamamahay ng mga Vin____ pag singugod natin sa bahay nila to air out our grievances. And we won't allow ourselves to be the aggrieved party.

PS: Tinagalog ko na baka kase may mag nosebleed sa pag intindi.

Dear R...

My guy (read this Inday...MY GUY) told me to have more patience in dealing with you. I even asked for discernment, I prayed... I gave you a little break inside my mind, you wrote it at an ungodly hour... Good Friday Jesus is dead that’s why evil forces were scattered around. I have no intentions of changing my blog site address. I can but I don’t want to. You can read all the things here, you can say whatever you want but I don’t think that I’ll give you the satisfaction you want. Sorry dear, I’m not as kind and as patient with you the way my friend Z is. An eye for an eye baby. I can track you down, I already know your IP address, the numbers you’ve been using in sending crazy messages to Z, phew they’re traceable so be careful. Prepaid numbers can always be traced, my SMART friends around the GLOBE knows. You may not be doing this alone and whoever is scheming with you will definitely be an accessory to the crime, I don’t need to tell you the technicalities for you may not understand them because it’ll all be in English and I don’t need to tell your sorry ass my reasons for leaving law school. The mere fact that I excelled when I was there and mind you, I went to San Beda – bawal di marunong mag-English dun day. So here’s a love letter for you.

Dear R,

I’m sure it’s you and I’m sorry how things turned out for you. I am sorry that you have the highest level of insecurity and that you always find ways on how to be unhappy. I am really sorry for you that I pity you. You wouldn’t want sympathy from me I assure you so gather yourself and act as normal as you can.

Have you noticed how many times you have mentioned the word “panget”? It’s already starting to emanate my dear... I was just being polite it actually was innate. Have you looked at the mirror lately? Tsk tsk so sad.

If you don’t stop pestering Z or me or our other friends, your precious E will have no idea about the crazy things you’ve been up to lately – at least not from me because I don’t think Mr & Mrs V_n__an (of Soldier’s Hills Munti) will take this issue lightly. And they will find out I assure you ;-) if you don’t stop. I can call one of these days or for an added element of surprise a visit to their home will be perfect.

So live your life, be happy, be normal but if you can’t, you can always call 5319001 because NCMH is always ready to lend a helping hand to those who are in need.

This is the last time will write something about you here... you can write anything you like but don’t think that my visit to the V family is a bluff.

Sincerely (you bet I’m still sincere),


PS: Stop using our other friend's names, stop stalking them in cyberspace... STOP HARASSING US!!! I am telling you nicely now to BACK-OFF, SCRAM and EVAPORATE.

PSS: The word child is singular it’s plural form is children. You don’t have to add s to children marami nayun plural (CHILDRENS??? Di pa ginawang CHILDS hahaha). That’s elementary English my dear and now that you know, it’s never too late to learn it even if you’re already 25 years old or up. Goodluck, study hard, English is our second language, a typo error in some cases can be acceptable I’ll give you that but grammar is very important.