Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter 7.1 @ Newport City Ultra Cinema

Watched HP7.1 last night with Dines, Jo & Bryan at Newport City Ultra Cinema. As an HP fan I wouldn’t miss the screening on its first week and might watch it again this weekend with the Boyps (inggit sya because of my stories).

It was my first time inside the Newport City Mall and Resorts World Casino. I can’t rave about the interior design of the mall/casino since I have already been to a number of Casinos in Macau, the Venetian included. Venetian Macau was even featured on National Geo so needless to say it is really awesome. Plus I was with my architect/designer friend so I believe Jo when he says that the design was bland.

The ultra Cinema’s lazy boy chairs and unlimited popcorn & soda concept is nice just like in the other cinemas like Gateway & Shangri-la. But something is not right with the Ultra Cinema screen, the distance of the screen from the first row was small that even when you stretch the chair into a bed (hehehe yes we were lounging, as in higa kung higa) it is still a little difficult watching.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 of two is amazing (all HP movies for me are amazing because they do not alter the story so much, it is presented the way it was narrated from the book). I love the part on how the story of the 3 brothers was depicted. And year by year I grow to love the Ron-Hermione love team. I can still hear Ron’s words in my ears when he asked Harry not to leave, he said that they won’t last 2 days without Hermione pausing then saying “don’t tell her I said that”. I was just a little disappointed that Dumbledore’s exposure on part 1 is too little. In the book even if he’s already a ghost (he was sort of just being talked about by the those who survived) he’s always there. I just wish I’ll see more of him on part 2.

In conclusion, HP3 Prisoner of Azkaban the movie is still my favourite. I really love that movie but all 7 are nice.

Happy weekend boys and girls. Happy monthsary baby!

PS: both photos were not mine, got it from the web. No copyright infringement intended.