Friday, January 27, 2012

Niceties on a Friday

We got our raw photos from our official photographer Nelwin Uy today, hooray!

The photos are overwhelming because of a.) quality, b.) quantity and c.) it's our wedding photos for crying out loud!

I'll be very busy viewing the dvds of our gazillion pictures this weekend... maybe I should buy popcorn.

Ah, my weekend will be filled with niceties and prettiness and awesomeness. I miss my hubby though. But will see him in a week.

Plus, our very talented florist featured the bouquet he made for me as his FB's profile pic... it is so lovely.

Happy weekend girls & boys!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

The last 3 days feels more like a HM compared to the holiday we spent in SG and Langkawi. Maybe because of the scenery and the relax atmosphere in our hometown. I am so glad I went home to my hubby this Chinese New Year.

I miss going home here. When I was in college I would go home the minute the last exam for the term is done. I would queue in bus stations and take “chance passenger” status just to be home. And during enrolment I would be stuck with new classmates because I was a late enrolee, no more spot is available from my old block. I would stretch my vacation every opportunity I have. It was during those long breaks that Warren and I would talk, chat for countless hours (as friends) because he’s on vacation too. He’ll drop by our house every afternoon after his work from his Dad’s warehouse – the very same warehouse I am in today while writing this blog entry.

I miss my parents of course, on the first morning I was here I was almost in tears (okay I admit I cried not “almost”), things are different in this side of town compared to the usual mornings I am accustomed to. But W did his best to make me feel at home. The whole household as a matter of fact, MIL & FIL are so nice. I like it here. If not for my parents & career in Manila I would settle here in a heartbeat. Hubby would need not persuade me to stay put.

The point of this entry? None. Just want to share the holiday cheers, Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone. Home is where the heart is, and wherever you are you know where your real home is. I am just glad I’m happy where I am right this very moment.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Psst Panget...Muah!

Being married is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of patience, understanding and self-sacrifice if you want a peaceful, harmonious life. My intro would sound like there is trouble in paradise but it’s the other way around. I am blessed, with just 1 month of married bliss I see things bright and clear and I hope and pray to stay this way (yes Lord, please).

My husband and I are in a long distance relationship when we were still boyfriends and girlfriends. Now that we’re married, we still are in this setup. Yes we always talk that things would change once we have kids. And even without he gave me 2 years to enjoy my career, he didn’t change a thing. 2 years from now we will revalidate what to do with our family even if it would still be just the two of us (minus kids). The guy I married is that kind and selfless. His unconditional love made me think twice before whining. His patience and thoughtfulness (not to mention generosity) makes me hold back with the harsh words trying to escape my mouth. I am lucky. The Higher Ups has been so kind to me.

This emo entry is for my baby W, Happy 1st month Panget! I love you! What I wrote was nauseatingly cheesy but I don’t care, it’s only once in my life that I get the chance to celebrate how deeply in love I am because I just got married last month (hehehe).

And to my fellow sheep ladies, this year (Water Dragon) is still our year (or yours)… love will bloom for the lady sheep this year… best time to get married they said. Kung Hei Fat Choi boys & girls. I’m off to see my husband this weekend. Happy me!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Robin thoughts on a Thursday

I am supposed to be working, I got tons of backlog and I need to be back on track. You see I got married (hahaha ibroadcast ba) and I was away on honeymoon that I haven’t had the chance to greet everyone on the blogosphere a Happy New Year. There I greeted everyone in time for the Chinese New Year.

Going back as to why I disrupted my Oh So Busy life is because I am too bothered with what I was able to glimpse on. Yes glimpse on because I wasn’t able to read the full story. I just took a quick read on the article regarding HIMYM. I am way too behind the current series. I don’t want to jump into conclusion but I am so concerned as to who is the Mom. It took me a long time to accept what I have read some time ago from Carter Bays that it is definitely not Robin. I am rooting for Robin. I want it to be Robin and for my sanity it got to be Robin.

But life must go on, the very reason why I’m writing this. I just have to let it out. I miss the gang. Will download more of the episodes soon and will have a marathon this weekend.

PS: I miss you my blog.