Friday, November 11, 2011


38 more days and we still don’t have the dresses. Not that I am nervous because I have complete faith in my cousin Ate Daisy, I love her to death :) (okay I admit I’m a little stressed out) it’s just that I wanted to finalize all the details, dresses included so that I can relax. I just hope that the dresses of the bridesmaids will arrive next week for the first fitting.

The shoes? Well my supplier (will divulge the name soon after the delivery so as not to compromise the quality of the shoes) is again asking for more time. Well I am a good client, I can bend backward even sideways if you want but enough is enough. I cannot take any more extensions. Nov 19 I’ll go marching to the shop and will get all the shoes. All 10 pairs of them!

I am writing this while waiting for my bus ride to Bicol. W’s maternal grandmother passed away. And to show my love and support I’ll visit the family this weekend. It is sad for our family as well because my Lolo Roming died too, a day after W’s Mama Alice joined the Lord. Death in both our families a month before our wedding. Sad but life goes on.

Today is 11.11.11, a great day to get married as advised by numerologist. I was wondering earlier today why W & didn’t consider this date to tie the knot. I guess because this date is not that special to us. But to those getting married today, CONGRATULATIONS!

They said this date is like a door, it is open for opportunities and ready for closure. We all have a secret wish, pray hard for it today. We all have baggage, release yourself from the straps.

Boys & girls, it’s Friday (I can hear myself saying this line to the tune of Rebecca Black’s song hehehe) have fun, enjoy, keep safe and make a wish!