Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hello 2013!

Drum roll please, welcome to the 550th blog post!

Hello there blog!  Happy New Year!  I know I've been neglecting you these past few months. A lot happened and I wanted to share them all with you, it’s just that there is so little time, so little left of me to write.  But that doesn't mean I forgotten you.  I know you understand like you always do.  All that matters is that I am writing to you now, I know I am forgiven.  I always have this urge to write to you after a day of struggle, a day of joy or a day when I long to have the friend who listens/read.

For my birthday I went to Hong Kong with W and my parents.  It was a birthday worth for the books, something I will always remember.  It was a blessed day/s that thanking God for another year of life is not enough.  That vacation brought me happiness of the heart.  Seeing them all happy was the best birthday gift.  I will truly treasure the blessings God gave during those days, His generosity and faithfulness truly inspired me.  It was the best birthday.

October was truly memorable too. Oct 17… I will never forget it.  During that time we still didn't know but it was the day that would change our lives, the day that would make W & I the happiest married couple on earth.  It was also the day that made us the loneliest.  But it was the day that made us closer, made us thank God for the opportunity and made our love grew deeper.

Nov 23 was the day our beautiful news was confirmed.  Nov 24 started bloody doomsday.  Dec 7 confirmed that we lost our sac.  The next days that followed were the saddest days.  But we didn't blame anyone not even ourselves.  It was the following days that made us stronger and the days that brought us hope.  Try and try until you succeed.  Sounds cliche but it was the truth.

The sadness we felt slowly drifted away.  We had a great Christmas celebration and New Year with our families.  Christmas was with mine, New Year was with the in-laws.  We couldn't be any happier for the love, support and gifts we have received.  I personally felt the grace of God, He truly made my heart swell with love.

As 2013 approach, W & I are filled with hope for the better years to come.

I have the job that keeps me sane, it brought me sorrows, discontentment and a feeling of being mistreated most of the time but I am grateful.  The Lord gave me a strong heart so that I can shield myself from the words that pierced it.

2013 is a year of friends too.  I am thankful for the loves of my life. 

I am glad and have thanked the Lord for my bestsie’s blessings.  I am so happy for sweetie and her family.  Their Daddy would be very proud.  I know this by heart because I am so proud of them 4, how much more if their Daddy is alive?  Massive heart attack because his veins swelled with pride.  They are the living proof that good karma exists.  Goodness and hard work is equals to great success.

And for good ol friend J, he really needs a break.  The Lord made him this successful because He knows he can handle it.  So J, stop the breakdown and just praise Him.  You’re happiness is the next gift God will bless you with.  I know this because you’re a strong fellow.  You are blessed, you are loved.  You are great, keep that in mind.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Be open to the possibilities, be patient and remember that looking will just keep you exhausted.  It’s a verb and will just keep you moving without direction.  Stay calm and keep still.  It will come to you.  Forces like that are inevitable.  The Lord is still writing your love story.

I opened my 2013 to 2 movies that are worth my money and time.  Pi reminds me of Job.  They both have superb faith.  The Lord, is what I call my God.  It can be Allah to some, Christ to the others or a lot of other different names.   But the Supreme Being that guides us all is always listening.  We cannot see Him but we feel His presence.  Life of Pi teaches us Faith, Courage and Hope.  Three things that could give us a better 2013, things that could make 2013 our best year so far.

1800s France is no different from Millennium Philippines.  A lot of people are still suffering.  Misfortune still happens to good people.  But because God sees all of us equally, we should be reminded that our fortune may not be in this earth life but in the life beyond it.

This is a long entry my blog.  I really wanted to make it up to you. 

Today is spaghetti day of the month.  Well you know why.  Happy happy W!  I love you!