Thursday, August 31, 2006


Ryan Star was sent home? Ano ba, nak nang bat di pa inuna si Storm?

What a way to start my fave day of the week. Grrr!

Di bale, Magni & Toby & Lukas are still around. *sigh*

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Presenting James Morrison

British invasion na talaga, I just love this song, nevermind the jazzy tune the lyrics super killer!

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You want to stay with me in the morning
You only hold me when I sleep,
I was meant to tread the water
Now I've gotten in too deep,
For every piece of me that wants you
Another piece backs away.

'Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright,
This could be nothing
But I'm willing to give it a try,
Please give me something
'Cause someday I might know my heart.

You already waited up for hours
Just to spend a little time alone with me,
And I can say I've never bought you flowers
I can't work out what the mean,
I never thought that I'd love someone,
That was someone else's dream.

'Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright,
This could be nothing
But I'm willing to give it a try,
Please give me something,
'Cause someday I might call you from my heart,
But it might me a second too late,
And the words I could never say
Gonna come out anyway.

'Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright,
This could be nothing
But I'm willing to give it a try,
Please give me something,
'Cause you give me something
That makes me scared, alright,
This could be nothing
But I'm willing to give it a try,
Please give me something
'Cause someday I might know my heart.
Know my heart, know my heart, know my heart

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wyatt's Incredible Day

Held last Sunday was Johann Summer "Wyatt" Corporal Cruz's first birthday. Wyatt real birthdate is August 25. The merry making took place at Mc Donald's Times Las PiƱas with the INCREDIBLES theme.
Zie, Edward, Gabs, Saree and myself shared that special moment with Vines, Ian, Chase, Wyatt (ofcourse) and some other friends.
Birthday boy Wyatt with Ninang Saree My cutie inaanak Chase with Mommy Vina (tinotopak ayaw papicture)

More Pics from Dolfo's Bday Party

more pics from Dolfo's birthday bash. finally may pic na ang birthday boy.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Friday, Seaside & Max Brenner

Out of nowhere Jeng invited me & Jenny for a barkada dinner. I'm not sure if she misses us (hehehe) well I think she does. We decided to have dinner at Makati then catch a movie at Greenbelt 3. When it's finally time to go and meet, heavy rains poured. As usual nagkatamaran and since Jeng is not going to bring her car to Makati we decided to have the plan pushed through at ATC meaning minus Dinah (since Dines is in Makati already).

To the rescue si Jo. Well he didn't drive us to Makati but he found someone who'll give us a ride. Thanks to our good friends Kiko & Janice!!! Our planned 'kada dinner turned into one big happy fiesta at Seaside's Trinity Restaurant. Since Jo is in Makati already he went ahead with Chard, Ivy & Gina. Dinah & Dolfo followed while Jeng, Jen & I went with Kiko & Janice from the South.

3 pics with very less difference (moi, Jeng, Dines & Jen), Chard's Max Brenner Cocktail with fake cherries, Jen with her boys (Chard & Dolfo) and lastly the love birds, Bei & Bei (Dolfo & Jeng)

Dinner at Seaside has always been our favorite because we can splurge on seafoods at very affordable prices. After a very long animated conversation (syempre pa kasama ata si Jeng) dinner was wrapped up at 12 am (midnight snack included hehehe) then the brood went (semi-convoy) to Greenbelt for a nightcap (ala Jeng). Max Brenner got everybody's vote.

Oh well life with good friends, I can never ask for more. I am so blessed with these good people in my life.

TRIVIA TIDBITS (not at all useful hehehe):
1. John Mayer was on the Today's Show yesterday (Aug 24 in the US) - reason why I was late at yesterday's therapy - di ko pa rin naman napanood, grrr!
2. James Blunt has the most perfect teeth I have ever seen! If you look closely, you'll realize he looks a lot like John Hedder (Go Napoleon Dynamite!)
3. Jeng, Kiko & I have the same mobile phone models! Ganda!
4. Sale sa Levi's!!! hanggang next weekend pa
5. Asian tour approved! Thanks Phil, thanks Winnie!
6. Wine & cheese facts: if you want to have your own Wine & Cheese party remember that salty cheeses (pwede na cheddar) should be matched with sweet wines (sparkling & white wines are perfect for this) and creamy cheeses (like goat's cheese, our very own kesong puti, etc.) should be paired with red wines. White wines are best chilled (if you like) and red should be stored at room temperature. Source: Travel & Living: The Party Planner - I love cable TV hehehe.
7. Max Brenner is still alive, Hawthorne Heights rockz!
8. Wikitravel is so hilarious, di ba Jenny?
9. Ryan "the dark horse" Star is truly a STAR!
10. I have T4 dextro scoliosis and clumps exercises (not sure if with K or C) are no joke.

Hehehe, pretty pathetic pieces of information. Hirap pag high sa rugby (Jen & I are in a room filled with rugby smelling tiles).

Enjoy the weekend everybody, Happy Birthday Wyatt!!! Love you!
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gabby's Day

The original plan was to go & enjoy the day – celebration of Gab’s birthday – at Enchanted Kingdom. Majority of our good friends bailed out leaving the birthday celebrator, Zie, Edward, myself & Joey. It was drizzling last Sunday and every time we would decide to leave & push through with the idea it would rain – as if telling us not to go. We spent time at Xcite, trying to pass the time while waiting for the rain to stop. The roller coaster and bump car was just so-so, we were really aiming for the EK excitement. The best part of being tambay at Xcite was their air hockey, it was not just the one at Time Zone, and it has a bonus level where not just 1 puck would emerge, 3-4 or 5 all at the same time. The match was against Zie & Edward vs. myself & Gabs. And the winner, of course kame ni Gabs, 2 wins out of 3 games.

Lunch was at The Pizza Company (yummy yummy) and coffee & cake at Red Ribbon.
The day was culminated at EGG. The boys played PS2 with the gigantic plasma TV while Zie, Gabs & I hoarse our voices in their videoke room (gigantic plasma TV rin).
It was truly a fun day spent with good friends. Happy birthday again Gabby, love yah. God bless & may you be showered with more blessings.


Best time of the year to purchase books. August & September are the sale months of National Bookstore, Powerbooks and the month of International Bookfair. These are the months when I go gaga over books. Jen & I agreed to splurge on books at the Bookfair but I can’t control myself from buying these and add them to my collection:

I am already through with Citizen Girl, my verdict? Hmmm not really a good read but it is entertaining. Looking forward to spending time with the rest of them along with the other un-read books that I have at home.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

When Expressing One's Opinion Becomes a Crime

This was a long delayed post, I was meaning to finish my entry about him but was finding it hard to do so, I really don’t know this kid but hearing stories from my niece made me want to cry.

He was my kababayan, funny that he even courted my niece when they were in HS. My niece now 20, spent her high school in our small town Bulan, in the province of Sorsogon (Bicol). I didn’t grow up there but I have friends in that town since I spent my HS years there too. I know some of my niece’s friends and I regret not even knowing Rei Mon Guran. I am not an activist, I have my own political viewpoint but I cannot help but feel sad over the demise of a bright young individual. A kid who expressed himself but was silenced in death. I have prayed for you kiddo and will continue to do so. And to those who did this horrible thing to you for whatever reason they have, you don’t deserve it… I just hope they enjoy the wrath of the Almighty. They were threatened by a 21 year old student, a sign of spinelessness. They attacked him when he was defenseless – it just showed they’re cowards.

I remember my own leftist days (not against the government but just against anybody and anything else hehehe), I’m a supreme sucker of anything that would spite other people, I guess it was my immaturity that prompted me to oppose anything I want to. I even vowed not to vote until the day I die but this is something I broke when I decided to pursue my dream of entering law school. I just don’t want to think about how cruel our country can be that is why I decided to be a boarder. I told myself that the Philippines is just my boarding country, I do not live here, I do not belong here. I was just staying here before I go home (to the country I’ll invent one day). But I love being a Filipino. I am still confused how I can love being a member of this great race when I don’t want to be in this land.

I guess we really can’t choose where to be born. It just crossed my mind that there are those who decides on how our lives should end. Something they did to the brilliant kid Rei Mon.

And now I write about this stuff, should I expect a subpoena for expressing my pathetic opinion? When expressing one's opinion becomes a crime, you have to believe that there is no such thing as freedom of expression. Just here on my blog ;)

More on Reimon click here

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Ds of the Weekend

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Friday was Dolfo’s birthday… belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to you!!!

The doting girlfriend Jeng arranged a surprise party in his honor (where invited friends were traced from elem, HS & college) yun nga lang Dolfo had a clue na, he accidentally read an entry in Jeng’s organizer hehehe.

Here are some of the pics from the last Friday at Manong’s Filinvest Alabang. Party planner JENGKLOG (congrats kahit di na surprise at kahit late ang mga taga dala ng cake - kame yun hehehe sorry!) - JENNY - JO

UP: JOANNE (thanks friendship, love kita as in, TY sa mga build up hehehe basta Joan name the best talaga!), DIANNE (Congrats dearie! Wow you're finally getting married na & sosyal ha!) and DINAH (blooming! ganda ng sister ko!)

Pic# 2 : Ewan ko kung bakit tawang tawa ako (must be because ang kulit ni Dianne, katapat ko pa man din) with Jen & Jo

Ewan, wala man lang akong pic nung may bday? Sablay hehehe.

Pic captured by my new phone (hihihi), naka ilang shot ata si Jo, pangit daw yung iba eh wala naman difference - pagkakaslouch ko lang ata nag-iba. Green team kame GO!!!

Went insane last Saturday when Jo tagged me to his DVD expedition at Ruins. It brought back MLA days memories to me, we used to eat there when we still had our office at BF. I saw all the restos we ate at syempre and Contis, Dates at ang sari saring fast food chains. Grabe I spent a fortune on DVDs, galing nung suki ni Jo meron sya nung mga movies na acclaimed ng Cannes & Sundance. I was able to get a copy of The Perfect Fit (with Adrian Greenier - best Film ng Sundance nung 2005) and this unheard of film written by Quentin Tarantino entitled True Romance which starred Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken, Samuel L. Jackson, Brad pitt, Tom Sizemore and a lot lot more. At meron na kong complete season ng Nip Tuck & The OC - yipee! Sorry sweetie Chie kung nasira plano mo iba na lang iregalo mo sa akin hehehe.

Segue lang, pic below was the colored pasta collection/decoration at The Pizza Company Festival. Okay food nila infairness & cute talaga nung decor.

Rainy Monday, ingat guys - bawal magkasakit! God bless!

Monday, August 07, 2006


First, guys please send me your contact numbers (mobile, home or office), I accidentally deleted all the contact details of everybody from my mobile phone. Cencia na.

I’ve been trying to write something here last week but due to a lot of factors which were all unavoidable (kuno) wala na akong maisip na topic. Pardon the shallowness of this entry.

I was dying from back pains last week, I woke up last Tuesday with a heavy back. I had a hard time getting up (this is not another case of my katamaran hehehe, promise legit na sakit hehehe). I decided to take off from my work and finally (long delayed doctor visit) consult an orthopedic doctor (as a scoliotic kiddo back pains are not new to me anymore however this one is pretty serious). I was given pills for the pain and more muscle relaxant. I realized it was pretty serious when the doctor gave me a letter of recommendation for a physiatrist and a medical certificate for 3 days rest. A rehab doctor, oh oh this is what I fear the most… and magbanat ng buto (dahil isa akong couch potato). I went to see the rehab doctor then the final verdict: 6-9 therapy sessions. I had my 3rd session this morning, sabe nung physical therapist narerelax na raw ng konti muscles ko kaso di pa rin gaano, pero ayos lang… para nagpapa-spa lang naman every other day except for the exercises that I was asked to perform every session – para akong preso supervised mga exercises ko *sigh*. My evaluation will be next Monday, it’ll all depends on how my back will progress, either I continue with more or it’s a done deal goodbye to my MPS for the time being.

SEGUE: I just though I’d post this pic I took last Saturday, the one while waiting for Jo to arrive and the other waiting for Jo from inside his new Fortuner (yabang ng mama, yun talaga dala!).... Posted by Picasa

And this cutesy cake!

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Went with Jo last sat to his friend's wedding at Archbishop's Palace (oh well we didn't made it to the chapel, the rites will start at 3:30pm and guess where we are at 4pm!!! Rustans ATC buying the gift for the said event - lagi na lang beating the dealine itong si Joel oo). We went straight to the reception at Acropolis Country Club (infairness maaga kame hehehe - sa kainan). Jo took the effort of getting this cake for me & it's yummy - chocolate sya inside (parang Hungrypac).

Monday na uli, back to reality. Enjoy the week guys, enjoy the sun! Babagyo na naman in a few days.


Black Eyed Peas

Super funny aliw! Pinoy na pinoy!!!