Monday, August 07, 2006


First, guys please send me your contact numbers (mobile, home or office), I accidentally deleted all the contact details of everybody from my mobile phone. Cencia na.

I’ve been trying to write something here last week but due to a lot of factors which were all unavoidable (kuno) wala na akong maisip na topic. Pardon the shallowness of this entry.

I was dying from back pains last week, I woke up last Tuesday with a heavy back. I had a hard time getting up (this is not another case of my katamaran hehehe, promise legit na sakit hehehe). I decided to take off from my work and finally (long delayed doctor visit) consult an orthopedic doctor (as a scoliotic kiddo back pains are not new to me anymore however this one is pretty serious). I was given pills for the pain and more muscle relaxant. I realized it was pretty serious when the doctor gave me a letter of recommendation for a physiatrist and a medical certificate for 3 days rest. A rehab doctor, oh oh this is what I fear the most… and magbanat ng buto (dahil isa akong couch potato). I went to see the rehab doctor then the final verdict: 6-9 therapy sessions. I had my 3rd session this morning, sabe nung physical therapist narerelax na raw ng konti muscles ko kaso di pa rin gaano, pero ayos lang… para nagpapa-spa lang naman every other day except for the exercises that I was asked to perform every session – para akong preso supervised mga exercises ko *sigh*. My evaluation will be next Monday, it’ll all depends on how my back will progress, either I continue with more or it’s a done deal goodbye to my MPS for the time being.

SEGUE: I just though I’d post this pic I took last Saturday, the one while waiting for Jo to arrive and the other waiting for Jo from inside his new Fortuner (yabang ng mama, yun talaga dala!).... Posted by Picasa

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