Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Best time of the year to purchase books. August & September are the sale months of National Bookstore, Powerbooks and the month of International Bookfair. These are the months when I go gaga over books. Jen & I agreed to splurge on books at the Bookfair but I can’t control myself from buying these and add them to my collection:

I am already through with Citizen Girl, my verdict? Hmmm not really a good read but it is entertaining. Looking forward to spending time with the rest of them along with the other un-read books that I have at home.


Jenny said...

Man eater, Junk male and middlesex?! Sis ha, ang mga choices... Hehehe.

Anne said...

hahaha maneater is abt a social climber, junk male abt an asshole & middlesex - medyo kumplikado ito this is abt a hermaphrodite :)

defensive ako hehehe