Saturday, August 26, 2006

Friday, Seaside & Max Brenner

Out of nowhere Jeng invited me & Jenny for a barkada dinner. I'm not sure if she misses us (hehehe) well I think she does. We decided to have dinner at Makati then catch a movie at Greenbelt 3. When it's finally time to go and meet, heavy rains poured. As usual nagkatamaran and since Jeng is not going to bring her car to Makati we decided to have the plan pushed through at ATC meaning minus Dinah (since Dines is in Makati already).

To the rescue si Jo. Well he didn't drive us to Makati but he found someone who'll give us a ride. Thanks to our good friends Kiko & Janice!!! Our planned 'kada dinner turned into one big happy fiesta at Seaside's Trinity Restaurant. Since Jo is in Makati already he went ahead with Chard, Ivy & Gina. Dinah & Dolfo followed while Jeng, Jen & I went with Kiko & Janice from the South.

3 pics with very less difference (moi, Jeng, Dines & Jen), Chard's Max Brenner Cocktail with fake cherries, Jen with her boys (Chard & Dolfo) and lastly the love birds, Bei & Bei (Dolfo & Jeng)

Dinner at Seaside has always been our favorite because we can splurge on seafoods at very affordable prices. After a very long animated conversation (syempre pa kasama ata si Jeng) dinner was wrapped up at 12 am (midnight snack included hehehe) then the brood went (semi-convoy) to Greenbelt for a nightcap (ala Jeng). Max Brenner got everybody's vote.

Oh well life with good friends, I can never ask for more. I am so blessed with these good people in my life.

TRIVIA TIDBITS (not at all useful hehehe):
1. John Mayer was on the Today's Show yesterday (Aug 24 in the US) - reason why I was late at yesterday's therapy - di ko pa rin naman napanood, grrr!
2. James Blunt has the most perfect teeth I have ever seen! If you look closely, you'll realize he looks a lot like John Hedder (Go Napoleon Dynamite!)
3. Jeng, Kiko & I have the same mobile phone models! Ganda!
4. Sale sa Levi's!!! hanggang next weekend pa
5. Asian tour approved! Thanks Phil, thanks Winnie!
6. Wine & cheese facts: if you want to have your own Wine & Cheese party remember that salty cheeses (pwede na cheddar) should be matched with sweet wines (sparkling & white wines are perfect for this) and creamy cheeses (like goat's cheese, our very own kesong puti, etc.) should be paired with red wines. White wines are best chilled (if you like) and red should be stored at room temperature. Source: Travel & Living: The Party Planner - I love cable TV hehehe.
7. Max Brenner is still alive, Hawthorne Heights rockz!
8. Wikitravel is so hilarious, di ba Jenny?
9. Ryan "the dark horse" Star is truly a STAR!
10. I have T4 dextro scoliosis and clumps exercises (not sure if with K or C) are no joke.

Hehehe, pretty pathetic pieces of information. Hirap pag high sa rugby (Jen & I are in a room filled with rugby smelling tiles).

Enjoy the weekend everybody, Happy Birthday Wyatt!!! Love you!
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niQ said...

Waaaa, I hate Ryan Star!!!! Love ko si MAGNI!!!!