Tuesday, August 15, 2006

When Expressing One's Opinion Becomes a Crime

This was a long delayed post, I was meaning to finish my entry about him but was finding it hard to do so, I really don’t know this kid but hearing stories from my niece made me want to cry.

He was my kababayan, funny that he even courted my niece when they were in HS. My niece now 20, spent her high school in our small town Bulan, in the province of Sorsogon (Bicol). I didn’t grow up there but I have friends in that town since I spent my HS years there too. I know some of my niece’s friends and I regret not even knowing Rei Mon Guran. I am not an activist, I have my own political viewpoint but I cannot help but feel sad over the demise of a bright young individual. A kid who expressed himself but was silenced in death. I have prayed for you kiddo and will continue to do so. And to those who did this horrible thing to you for whatever reason they have, you don’t deserve it… I just hope they enjoy the wrath of the Almighty. They were threatened by a 21 year old student, a sign of spinelessness. They attacked him when he was defenseless – it just showed they’re cowards.

I remember my own leftist days (not against the government but just against anybody and anything else hehehe), I’m a supreme sucker of anything that would spite other people, I guess it was my immaturity that prompted me to oppose anything I want to. I even vowed not to vote until the day I die but this is something I broke when I decided to pursue my dream of entering law school. I just don’t want to think about how cruel our country can be that is why I decided to be a boarder. I told myself that the Philippines is just my boarding country, I do not live here, I do not belong here. I was just staying here before I go home (to the country I’ll invent one day). But I love being a Filipino. I am still confused how I can love being a member of this great race when I don’t want to be in this land.

I guess we really can’t choose where to be born. It just crossed my mind that there are those who decides on how our lives should end. Something they did to the brilliant kid Rei Mon.

And now I write about this stuff, should I expect a subpoena for expressing my pathetic opinion? When expressing one's opinion becomes a crime, you have to believe that there is no such thing as freedom of expression. Just here on my blog ;)

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