Friday, February 15, 2008

Guess I'm Pinoy Afterall

I just found out that I love being a Filipino (hehehe). I am Joan who would bet on PacMan’s opponent rather than him. I am Joan who would rather watch foreign movies instead of some crappy & jologs Pinoy film. I am Joan who’ll eat a lot of international cuisine & would rave for hours about this & that dish which is not Filipino. Sad to say but I am really not very patriotic & devoted to the Philippines.

I remembered mentioning before that I am just a boarder of this country. With all the scam & controversy in all aspect of this country (government, showbiz & even lives of people I know & are non-celebs) I really don’t want to be called a Filipino but behold, I felt bad that Marc & Rovilson didn’t win TARA2 even though my bet was really Adrian & Colin. When Marc & Rovilson ran towards the final pit stop holding the Philippine flag I felt proud.

I guess deep inside me I am still a loyal & very proud to be Pinoy that I don’t want to leave the country even though I’ve been urged to go abroad, read Kuya Berns – don’t feel bad I still would want to go to FL. And yes oh yes, I want Ramiele Malubay to win AI7.

Now, congratulations boys (Magnum PI team), and as Allan said your team is overall the best team, no team ever accomplished the success (& prizes) you both received.

Yey to Adrian & Colin!!!

I felt sad that TARA2 is now over – no more Thursday nights to look forward to. I just hope AI7 can give me the same excitement & anticipation I felt for TARA2.

Good thing I discovered KBS at least my nights will never be lonely, for now.

Oh life, how am I supposed to live without my TV (& cable although there are times I get mad when nothing good is on)?

I’ll be half dead that’s for sure.

Happy weekend everybody & I hope you all had a nice vday (I can’t even write the whole word – I get sick & bitter hehehe).

And lastly for the record, I am proud to be Pinoy - a recent self-discovery I must admit but not just because of what I see on TV (ayan lumalabas talaga pagkashallow ko no matter what). Yes I am a proud Pinoy. Let's all go to Makati for the rally (hahaha I am just kidding).

God bless the Philippines!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jologs Dinner

Spent my Saturday night with my college kada. Mahirap palang maging diva si Gaux… lakwatsa every week ang katapat.dinner at Mezze with Sar, Gaux, Faye, Mommy Redj, Gabs & Zie
with Barbs, the honorary Jologs memberwith Zie & Sar
As always, it was great spending time with you all. See you again on Saturday ladies :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Unfortunate

For no apparent reason you can’t sleep at night.

There’s nothing good on TV, you’ve used up all your DVD resources and you’re not in the mood for those still unwatched.

You read a little then you don’t want to continue, the story is just boring you. You switch to another book, it’s not working either.

It’s already 2 am… you turn the laptop on tried going online, no one is available to talk to.

You tried texting the BFF, no reply perhaps because she’s already asleep or on night shift.

You get up, walk outside the room and open the fridge. Water or milk? You took a sip from the milk carton (hehehe), went back inside the room switch the TV on again and browse through channels hoping that in the last 30 minutes something worth watching might be on. This one of those moments when you feel that you’re just wasting your money paying the cable company. There’s still nothing good on.

And then you suddenly feel very tired. You feel sleepy, hooray! You feel so happy you’re now beginning to doze off. You’re now half conscious and smiling.

Then after like 30 minutes you heard a loud sound… the alarm clock is now blaring. Time to get up, what?!?!

That’s my life.