Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gabs and Gaux

Aug 15-16 (hehehe til' 4am kase) at Contis Serendra with Zie, Gabs & Gaux (celebrants) Saree, Mommy Redj and Faye

at Fridays Bonifacio Highstreet

Happy happy birthday once again to my good friends Gabs (Aug 16) and Gaux (Aug 24). May you have everything you wished for (and we wished for hehehe). Love yah gurls!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sun Shiny Day

2 days in a row… I should be called Anne the day maker (huwahaha).

I’m not used to being told I that brightened up someone else’s day, it feels great pala hehehe. I’m more used to bringing miseries and not sunshine to other people’s lives (I know and I confess). Yesterday was the day I realized I’m a speck of brightness (whatever that is).

I should do this often kaya lang baka kunin naman ako ni Lord, well I should limit it to a max of just 3 times a week. Yoko talagang maging mabait eh.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Enjoy the nice weather, enjoy the Olympics (go M. Phelps!!!) and enjoy life!

Monday, August 11, 2008


note: mali na naman time sa camera, buti na lang tama date hehehe

Here are some photos from Jeng and Udeng's 08-08-08 fairy tale wedding last Friday. Stories and more pictures to follow ;)

pictorial at Vivere Hotel (super blooming si Jeng)

The Bridesmaids: Dines, Jen, Rhea, Joolu, Jenny, Me and Apple

with the granny (Mamay) and mother (Tita Mel) of the bride

The vintage Jaguar bridal car

pose tayo Jenny with the car!!! (extra ang bride)

ladies & gentlemen please welcome Mr. & Mrs. Roxas

boss Winnie & sir Steve

Penny and Marlon @ the reception


Jo at the garter game

Tito Frank with his speech

Jenny and Jooju

with Jo

Jeng and Udeng's first dance

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jeng's Shower Party

Held at Vivere Suites last August 1, the girls with the party's main girl Jeng enjoyed an evening (until the next day) full of fun, jokes, games, food and booze.

Jen & Dinah's gowns (fashion contest)

Gowns made of tissue paper

The winning creation, modeled by Jen (gawa yan ng team namin!)

Interpretative Dance ni Dianne!!!

Dianne & Dinah Dancing

MTV ni Naynay

Cheer ng mga Losers!

The winning team!!!