Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Stressed with 3 letter “s” is an understatement.  If not for the correct spelling that should be followed, my spelling would have at least 10 letter “s” in it.  I was way beyond stressed last month but I am thankful that little by little, with a few and very minute bumps here and there -- my life is pushing towards the right track.

I cannot say pass to the important things, events and situation that comes my way.  Nor could I gladly ask to lose one turn when chaos, challenges and shortcomings strike.  Growing up means facing the music, you have a choice to either follow the usual steps or create your own.  The former may mean playing it safe and the later, taking some risk.  Either way you have nothing to lose, you tried and if you don’t succeed there is still time to do it again.

Next week, another year would add to my existence.  2012 has been so nice to me.  I am blessed, loved and I’m grateful.  I may have some ups and downs with work and family but I couldn’t ask for more and I wouldn’t change a thing.  I always believe that we reap what we sow and that we would always have the best of everything we deserve.

While chatting with friend J over the weekend, maturity and growing up factor in life kept me pondering.  What happened to our childhood?  What happened to all of us in our teens?  Did it affect how we see the world today?  I didn’t find the answers until last night while doing the usual bending & stretching in our Bikram class, my favourite Yogi was the one teaching the class.  While doing the Savasana (corpse pose) he said “Embrace change and if you have a choice, move on”.  Makes sense.  Things are different now that we are older.  Nothing is easy now.  You have to work hard to get something, unlike when we were young where we were given pretty much everything we need.  These things are major changes and we cannot escape them.  What we can only do is to accept it, deal with it, or in Gino’s (the Yogi) terms – embrace it.  Generally, change is good.  It’s an improvement if you’ll see it in a positive way.  If the change is not for the better, we have to find a solution.  We have to deal with it and if all efforts were made (failed or those successful), we have to move on.  Not to forget about it but to learn from it.

In this world full of imperfections, we can always do something to make it better.  Not perfect, just better.

Midweek boys & girls.  Enjoy the rest of the week.  Keep safe & God bless everyone.

And Happy Birthday to my Kuya!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Of Unnamed Heroes and Brave Hearts

I’ve been seeing the video link of the MMDA officer over at FB for a couple of days already.  It is not my habit to open links and watch posted videos on FB unless I am directly tagged.  While here in Bulan, I always check news online because I don’t watch tv often here.  This morning I saw a news bit about the MMDA officer and that a case has already been filled.  I decided to check out the story and googled videos to find out what the news is all about.

I ended up crying.  I am so mad at the Carabuenas and my heart is bleeding for Mang Saturnino.  Often times when stuck in traffic I would see MMDA officers sweating and trying to brave the heat of the sun or coldness of the rain.  I would often wonder, “Magkano kaya sweldo ng mga yan?  I’m sure di pa kasya pampaospital pag nagkasakit.” I always hear stories of how there are abusive traffic enforces trying to get money from the traffic violators but in my years of driving, I have nothing but good experiences with them. 

I admit I’m not a perfect driver, I have committed traffic violations not because I have malicious intentions of committing them but often times because I didn’t know or I was left with no other choice but commit it.  Yes it was my “ignorance” that made me an offender and I’m not making any excuses.

I would often tell the enforcer “Manong gusto ko sanang aregluhin to kaya lang po baka mas magalit kayo sa akin.”  That’s how I always make the segue for the “areglo”.  I don’t want to end up with more violations by bribing an officer.  I would always end up going away without a ticket, without giving any money and at times being escorted by the MMDA while I go on my way from the scene.  Yes, I leave with just a “pabaong lecture” from Mamang MMDA.  I know I’m lucky, must be because I was RESPECTFUL, something that the Carabuena A-hole lacks.

In the recent Habagat floodings, I prayed for the unnamed heroes.  People we see on photos and tv helping others.  Individuals who went out of their ways, endangering their own lives just to help children, the old and the handicapped.  Same with the police force, traffic force, people who try their best to keep us, the masses whom they don’t personally know, safe.  In each day of their lives they put themselves at risk to do their jobs.  Yes it’s a living, they may have no choice but do it but still it means a lot to us.  People need rules or else chaos will follow. 

There maybe some individuals from the force who taints their uniform and the reputation of the entire organization, but let us not forget that there are more who perform their job with pride and honor.  God bless all the unnamed heroes.  God bless Mang Saturnino.  God bless the Carabuena’s as well.  We have a just and mighty Lord God, He knows what we all deserve.

It’s almost the weekend friends, enjoy the rest of the week and enjoy the long weekend.  Coding might be lifted but please be responsible while on the road.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello 2012 3rd Quarter!

I know I should revamp this blog or if not at least give a little attention to it.  The calendar on my page were so last, last, last year (yes 2010 or so).  Anyway I have the time today that is why I decided to write something about what I have been up to the past few months.

2 of my good friends decided to go abroad for good.. Gabs went to Abu Dhabi (magkakalat ng lagim ala Sex & the City) while Saree is now in Sweden (not sure whether to study massage Swedish style or look for the guy with the dragon tattoo).  I miss them a lot because they are my bestest college friends and they serve as my caffeine.  I may miss them and I’m sad they left but I am happy for them because they decided to live their future the way they want it to be.  So ladies, good luck.  I miss and love you both.

I’m not sure if I already mentioned that the only good thing I like about travelling is that I get to catch up on my reading.  The airports (according to my foursquare account, airports are the places I frequent lately, sorry naman I need to be in the plane to actually be somewhere noh) are now my modern library.  Because everything is in touch technology now books included, just bring your tablet/e-books and you’re good to go.  I also bring my hard copies when I travel, especially since I still have tons of unread book collecting dusts on my shelf.  I like being in our (my hubby & my) hometown because I get to read in the evenings.  Well I don’t watch a lot of TV in Bulan because a.) not all my channels are available in the local cable b.) we are staying in hubby’s granny’s house when we’re both in Bulan and the house has only 1 TV reserved for hubby (and his arghh channels)  and lastly c.) I don’t want to lounge in the sala (even if it was just me & hubby inside the house), not my thing – I would only lie around looking like I own the place inside a bedroom.  What better way to pass the time (aside from watching downloaded TV series like our fave GoT) but to read?  I was able to finish 2-3 books whenever I’m in Bulan and I so love the feeling of being able to finish a whole book.  
photo from the web
I am currently reading book 2 of EL James’ trilogy.  The book is so controversial and there a lot of discussions about it but it’s just light reading do not delve too much on erotic side if you find it so scandalous.  Thanks to friend Rhei for convincing me to read it because she said “she cried” when she was reading it so I thought it must be good.  It’s okay, not so great but I am only on book 2.  One needs to read all 3 to appreciate it.

I finally found the workout for me, its Bikram Yoga.  I have never been so sweaty in my entire life.  I’ve ran a number of marathons but not Bikram sweaty.  Let’s see how long I will like it (until sawa mode comes).  BYA studio is also kind enough to freeze my membership whenever I am away out of town or in Bicol so it’s a plus for me.  I don’t need to feel sad over not being able to fully utilizing my monthly membership because I am in Manila 3 weeks a month only.

So that's it for now boys and girls.  W arrives this Saturday.  Yehey!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lifehouse 2.0, M & Today

When I watched Lifehouse in 2008 I was with my bestfriends, this time is more special because W, the number 1 fan of the band would be able to watch them.  My day would be packed tomorrow but I'm excited...for a million different things.

I just love this week that passed, this weekend, everything about it.

My friend M rose from a long FB pause.  Well it's not that FB is a priority but he completely spaced out for a while.  I'm just happy he loves his independence now, loves life in general.  Apir dear!

I should work now, time will be in a haste today I know.  Rhei and I will paint Makati pink (for kikay).

Happy weekend boys & girls!  God bless us all!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Barney's Bride

picture from the web

It’s been a while, I know.  I just want to drop a little note before I see the full episode where we’ll all find out (here in the Phils.) who ends up with who in HIMYM.  I know it was my girl Robin but everyone is still rooting for the Ted-Robin Tandem.  And of course Lily & Marshall’s bet is still on.  Ted will meet the kids’ mother on  Barney’s wedding but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be the love of Ted’s life because that spot was already filled, am I right?  Oh yes I know I’m right.

PS: Cobie looks so cool in Avengers but my mind can't help but anticipate in what scene will the rest of the HIMYM pop out?  I'm such a fan I know.  Catch the 1 hour special of the HIMYM season finale tonight at 8 on 2nd Ave. (This is not a paid plug).

Happy weekend boys & girls!

Friday, April 06, 2012


It's not fair leaving us early, we're older than you are.

I wrote this about you in 2005. You will be missed dude, say hi to my Uncle Steph for me.

I call Joey as the Julio ng buhay ko, yep Julio at Julia kambal ng tadhana. I dunno why this fellow seems to know a lot about me. I am so transparent in his eyes that he can see through me. There was this one instance before that he seems to understand me more than my girl friends. And just recently, he told Gabs that he thinks I like this one guy cos my eyes were different when I look at the guy. Grabe, I am so buking in front of Joey, kaya friend here’s to you – you deserve a shout out. Thanks for waiting with me last Friday, you don’t talk much but it was fun hanging out with you & babe watching is cool I guess, hehehe ginawa mo talaga akong lesbo. Natutuwa talaga ako sayo.

Thursday, April 05, 2012


I was about to just account the details of my Vancouver trip, the usual, it was for business and I was there to do a job. I wasn’t able to even have a decent tour because it rained most afternoons and if it doesn’t I was inside the conference hall doing my work. It was my first “more than 5 hours” trip, a major travel if you know what I mean. It was in North America for crying out loud. I was decided to tell the trip in the same manner that I do all the time until something changed my mind.

On the flight going home I watched We Bought A Zoo, it was on the plane’s entertainment channel. I was crying the whole time mid end of the movie to the tune of Sigur Ros’ Hoppipolla. I was crying to Matt Damon. I don’t know why at first. It could be because I was touched by the story, I miss my family, I miss my husband.

I tried not to be too emotional then it struck me, how often do we have those 20 seconds of embarrassment to have the courage flow? How often do we let ourselves go out there, make a crazy adventure, say something stupid and just act foolish? Honestly the answer, well my answer is zero. I always had it calculated. I always have a plan, not just A but up to Z.

Most of us didn’t have our normal emotional childhood, this is not about our literal childhood but the normal stages we have to go through to have the emotional adulthood. It is not being immature but something to do with emotional preparedness. We often deny ourselves of some random act of rolling with the punches, we always make sure that we thought about things and before we even commit an act we already know what the aftermath is. I often would question the word “aftermath” in these situation since they didn’t happen after but before.

I may not make any point (as always) here but what I want to happen is for me to give in to things that are not heavily thought of. That I should give to a little foolishness once in a while to see what would the real aftermath be.

So what I’m basically telling myself here is to let loose, what’s bound to happen will happen and as Matt Damon said in the movie, when you fall in love, real hard it is once in a life time. When you feel something strong towards something – be it for your career, your plan for the day or even what your heart is telling you to tweet about and write in your blog, GO FOR IT!

I like my job but I don’t see myself retiring to it. I have ups & down here and there with regards to it but I get by. But after crying a lot because of it I have decided to do it as long as I’m okay and the minute I’m not I will walk out. If I was asked yesterday if this is a possibility I’ll say no because I still have a lot of responsibility and I cannot lose this job yet but hell, I will find a new one. It may not be something as high paying but it’ll be something I love and loves me back.

I want to have a massage when I arrive in Manila, I’ll go I will not feel guilty about it anymore (this is a different story reserved for later). And if I want to tweet that you, yes you, are a fool not to talk to me, your one true friend who cares for you and actually loves you then I will (or maybe I already did).

We live in a world of uncertainties, I could be dead in a few days or while aboard this plane (knock on wood), we’ll never know. So it is okay to loosen up, let down some guard, remove the tight hair bun and let the wind blew it. It’s okay to cry, be depressed but at least talk to a friend. It is okay to be a cynic but don’t make it a living. It is okay to cry, it is okay to laugh, it is okay to let go. It is okay to open up, hit the ground but get up. It is okay to be disappointed, but don’t give up. It is okay to rely on someone, it won’t make you less of a independent person that you already are. It is okay to be turned down, you can try the second up to gazillionth time. It is okay to fail, the world won’t end because of it. There’s a time and place for everything.

My hubby and I would talk about it most of the time, how we’re not in a rush to start a family but it would be a bonus if we get one early on our marriage. How every period feels like a miscarriage but we console ourselves with the fact that the big guy up there still would want us to go to Europe first and have fun. We talked about how I really miss my best friends. He said absence makes the heart grow fonder and because I love them I let them use their wings to fly. We talked about me being a control freak. And it make sense, it took Matt Damon to make me remove my bun and helmet in the form of denial.

Today as I write this on the very flight that would bring me back to reality I made a decision, that upon ground arrival I will be the coolest version of me. I will let loose, I will let go, I will love more and I will live my life because a great man gave up his for me – for all of us. He took my cross from me so there is no reason to feel a heavy load.

Today, I will not feel guilty or be thrifty with the way I live. Today I will be happy no matter what. I will be more accepting, more understanding, more forgiving.

This is the day I am reborn.

Make this holy week holiday a time for reflection. Rest, lift it up to God and free your mind.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Snow Capped

mountain white :)

It was extra chilly today, we walked going to dinner 5 blocks away from the hotel and my face froze.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Books and/vs Movies

It’s been a while since I last made a movie review. I am just in the mood because it made me happy that the best 2012 1st quarter movie(s, for me) are both based on a book.

I consider myself a reader than a viewer. Yes I do watch a lot of movies, I love movies! But I am more fond of reading. Imagine how delighted I am whenever books turned to movie stories depicted a scene the way I imagined it to be.

The reason why I am very excited to do this shout out today is because I have seen both movies first before I have read the book. So you will understand that I bought the books because I saw the movie. Well it was a little different for The Hunger Games. It was all the hype that made me excited to watch it. I had a dream about it. I saw the trailer, it looks promising and all my nephews & niece talked about it all the time. The book originally was catered to young adults but a reader is a reader, there is no age difference in my opinion because I am still fond of reading children’s literature up to now.

I never intend to read The Hunger Games book but I am looking forward to watching it on screen. Last Saturday night, my nephew’s copy of the book was just lying around the house. They were discussing it because both boys (Josh & Jude) were able to watch it already. My niece Shaine & I are scheduled to watch it the next day. I just got curious (it was around 10-11pm), picked up the book, started browsing and the next thing I know, it was 2 am. I finished the book and I liked it so much (love would be a very strong word and I do not intend to be a book slut by saying “love love” a book, like would be a safe word to use). The movie didn’t disappoint either. Right after the movie, we headed to the bookstore and bought the box set (all 3 books and a couple of hard bound books that I really want to have a copy, yes I splurged again on books GUILTY!). I am now on book 2 (Catching Fire), I am not in a hurry to finish it because I am saving it for my very long non-stop flight to Vancouver this Thursday.

For The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I have seen the movie first (the Hollywood version) before I decided to read the rest of the Trilogy. I’ve been hearing a lot about the book years ago but because I thought it’d be full of sex and violence I said I’m never gonna like it. W & I watched the movie because he got curious, it was Daniel Craig (he likes him) and Rooney Mara received an Oscar nod for this movie. Off we go and surprisingly I liked it too (not and will never be a Craig fan). Right after the movie I bought all 3 books. I read the first one even though I’ve seen the movie already and was able to finish the next two last month. I downloaded the original Swedish movie versions but was not able to watch them all yet. Maybe I’ll have the time for it this holy week.

So there you go. It’s not really a movie review, it’s just a shout out. I decided not to give my opinions about the movies because I like them both and I think I got my money’s worth. W wants to watch the HG movie too. I just hope it’s still on theatres when he’s in town 2 weeks from now. I will go with him and watch it again for the second time.

If you’re interested in the book vs movie review of The Hunger Games, this site is good to read:

Happy Monday to everyone!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Rainy Days and Fridays

I woke up feeling fine, kissed the hubby bye bye, drove to the office with breeze & positivity. Arrived in the office, thought of brewing a pot of coffee which I don’t do often. It’ll be instant coffee if I’m in a hurry but since I’m feeling good I decided to brew a pot but then I realized my boss (another coffee drinker) is not coming in. I don’t want to drown in brewed coffee the whole day.

I’m still feeling good. Answered all the emails I received from last night. After 30 minutes and since it’s still early I logged on to the social networking sites. Everyone is happy as well, it’s Friday who would not be – almost the weekend – hooray!

And then it struck me how I hate Fridays lately. I miss going out. It’s not about being married that hinders me from going out, or is it?

To make myself clear (I don’t want to sound whiny so I want to explain this) I can go out as much as I want and my husband wouldn’t stop me if it’s what makes me happy. He would happily obliged to accompany me as I hang out with friends if I want to. Or if he’s not in town, I just informed him that I’m going out and it’s okay. You see I’m blessed with an open minded husband, even when we were still boyfriends-girlfriends he didn’t attempt to stop me from seeing my friends or stay out late once in a while, because he knows what I’m up to, who I’m with and everything else that comes with it.

So what’s my problem? It’s the fact that the friends I usually hang out with are nowhere to be found. Out of the country, busy doing single ladies things, or maybe just don’t want to spend time with me. I understand 1 & 2 but the third I cannot. I am not saying that I am the most fun to be with friend, in fact I’m not. I’m boring and I only do old lady things like read, watch movies or talk over a cup of coffee. I know I am not the person you go to when you want to have fun but I know I can be the person you want to talk to when there’s something bothering you or you have nothing important to do (okay the last one hurts a little, it’s like I’m the last choice friend but I can live with that).

With all these yakety yak and without any point trying to prove, I just want not to hate Fridays, that’s all. I just want it to be normal. It may not be my favorite day because all I want for it to do is to end. I know it all depends on me but it still makes me sad.

Yes Rainy Days & Fridays makes me sad. The End.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Advance Happy Birthday Baby!

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday and I am so glad I was able to take a leave from work (well not actually I'll be on mobile mode) and spend the day with him.

Since we're here in the province we'll celebrate the day with family & friends. It is the first time that they'll have a some sort of celebration because in the words of my hubby "birthdays are just another normal day in our family". I am so looking forward for tomorrow because his birthday, another ordinary day according to him, will be celebrated. Later this afternoon my Mom-in-law, Warren & I will head to town and buy stuff for the celebration. Small preparations were already being made by the yayas as early as today. It's like a mini fiesta! 5 kilos of spaghetti, is it too much or what?

I'll take pictures, I just hope my phone cam won't let me down. I wasn't able to bring the SLR because I decided to travel lite.

I love looking forward to little wonderful things, makes me excited. Lately I realized that small things make me happier than the grandest ones. What they said about great things comes in small packaging is true and are often for free like seeing your family happy. A shared meal with them and the happy exchanges. I am so missing my family too in Manila but I'll be seeing them in a few days.

I cannot say that I am loving the rural life because I still have 2 years to enjoy my urban everyday existence but I won't lie and say that I am not excited. I just pray I won't get bored and won't miss my folks badly.

From birthday to long term married life. Here's an early cheers for my wonderful husband. I love you baby!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Got Featured!

Yes We Were!

the home page on

It was an exciting moment when I received Kristy Texon,'s Editor in Chief that Warren & my wedding pictures were chosen to be featured on their site (Summit Media's web portal for the wedding industry). I wanted so much to finish answering their questionnaire so that I can submit it, I was really excited. 2 days after I was able to send it back, while browsing through Facebook, tadan! It was so surreal, reading an article about yourself and your story - amazing.

All the great works of our suppliers were there. We were so blessed that our hardwork & labor of love to have a wedding to remeber paid off. My wedding bouquet was even chosen as one of W@W's Best of 2011 Bridal Bouquet series. It's so awesome!!!

Here are some of the photos I print screened hehehe. Thank you BridalBook for the awesome feature.
love story page

preparation details

black & white photo by Nelwin Uy

Do check out the whole feature by clicking here.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Love this song... Gavin is back, and this is for you. Yes you. I won't talk to you so take your time. Maybe you're still singing this song. I don't know, I don't assume but I just want you to know I miss my friend.

Happy weekend!

Dreams, that's where I have to go
to see your beautiful face anymore
I stare at a picture of you and listen to the radio
Hope, hope there's a conversation
we both admit we had it good but
until then it's alienation, I know, that much is understood
And I realize

If you ask me how I'm doin I would say I'm doin just fine
I would lie and say that you're not on my mind
But I go out and I sit down at a table set for two
and finally I'm forced to face the truth
No matter what they say, I'm not over you
Not over you

Damn, damn girl you do it well
And I thought you were innocent
You took this heart and put it through hell
But still you're magnificent
I I'm a boomerang doesn't matter how you throw me
Turn around and I'm back in the game
Even better than the old me
But I'm not even close without you

If you ask me how I'm doin I would say I'm doin just fine
I would lie and say that you're not on my mind
But I go out and I sit down at a table set for two
and finally I'm forced to face the truth.
No matter what I say, I'm not over you

And if I had the chance to renew
You know there isn't a thing I wouldn't do
I could get back on the right track
But only if you'd be convinced
So until then

If you ask me how I'm doin I would say I'm doin just fine
I would lie and say that you're not on my mind
But I go out and I sit down at a table set for two
and finally I'm forced to face the truth
No matter what I say, I'm not over you
Not over you
Not over you
Not over you

Friday, January 27, 2012

Niceties on a Friday

We got our raw photos from our official photographer Nelwin Uy today, hooray!

The photos are overwhelming because of a.) quality, b.) quantity and c.) it's our wedding photos for crying out loud!

I'll be very busy viewing the dvds of our gazillion pictures this weekend... maybe I should buy popcorn.

Ah, my weekend will be filled with niceties and prettiness and awesomeness. I miss my hubby though. But will see him in a week.

Plus, our very talented florist featured the bouquet he made for me as his FB's profile pic... it is so lovely.

Happy weekend girls & boys!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

The last 3 days feels more like a HM compared to the holiday we spent in SG and Langkawi. Maybe because of the scenery and the relax atmosphere in our hometown. I am so glad I went home to my hubby this Chinese New Year.

I miss going home here. When I was in college I would go home the minute the last exam for the term is done. I would queue in bus stations and take “chance passenger” status just to be home. And during enrolment I would be stuck with new classmates because I was a late enrolee, no more spot is available from my old block. I would stretch my vacation every opportunity I have. It was during those long breaks that Warren and I would talk, chat for countless hours (as friends) because he’s on vacation too. He’ll drop by our house every afternoon after his work from his Dad’s warehouse – the very same warehouse I am in today while writing this blog entry.

I miss my parents of course, on the first morning I was here I was almost in tears (okay I admit I cried not “almost”), things are different in this side of town compared to the usual mornings I am accustomed to. But W did his best to make me feel at home. The whole household as a matter of fact, MIL & FIL are so nice. I like it here. If not for my parents & career in Manila I would settle here in a heartbeat. Hubby would need not persuade me to stay put.

The point of this entry? None. Just want to share the holiday cheers, Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone. Home is where the heart is, and wherever you are you know where your real home is. I am just glad I’m happy where I am right this very moment.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Psst Panget...Muah!

Being married is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of patience, understanding and self-sacrifice if you want a peaceful, harmonious life. My intro would sound like there is trouble in paradise but it’s the other way around. I am blessed, with just 1 month of married bliss I see things bright and clear and I hope and pray to stay this way (yes Lord, please).

My husband and I are in a long distance relationship when we were still boyfriends and girlfriends. Now that we’re married, we still are in this setup. Yes we always talk that things would change once we have kids. And even without he gave me 2 years to enjoy my career, he didn’t change a thing. 2 years from now we will revalidate what to do with our family even if it would still be just the two of us (minus kids). The guy I married is that kind and selfless. His unconditional love made me think twice before whining. His patience and thoughtfulness (not to mention generosity) makes me hold back with the harsh words trying to escape my mouth. I am lucky. The Higher Ups has been so kind to me.

This emo entry is for my baby W, Happy 1st month Panget! I love you! What I wrote was nauseatingly cheesy but I don’t care, it’s only once in my life that I get the chance to celebrate how deeply in love I am because I just got married last month (hehehe).

And to my fellow sheep ladies, this year (Water Dragon) is still our year (or yours)… love will bloom for the lady sheep this year… best time to get married they said. Kung Hei Fat Choi boys & girls. I’m off to see my husband this weekend. Happy me!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Robin thoughts on a Thursday

I am supposed to be working, I got tons of backlog and I need to be back on track. You see I got married (hahaha ibroadcast ba) and I was away on honeymoon that I haven’t had the chance to greet everyone on the blogosphere a Happy New Year. There I greeted everyone in time for the Chinese New Year.

Going back as to why I disrupted my Oh So Busy life is because I am too bothered with what I was able to glimpse on. Yes glimpse on because I wasn’t able to read the full story. I just took a quick read on the article regarding HIMYM. I am way too behind the current series. I don’t want to jump into conclusion but I am so concerned as to who is the Mom. It took me a long time to accept what I have read some time ago from Carter Bays that it is definitely not Robin. I am rooting for Robin. I want it to be Robin and for my sanity it got to be Robin.

But life must go on, the very reason why I’m writing this. I just have to let it out. I miss the gang. Will download more of the episodes soon and will have a marathon this weekend.

PS: I miss you my blog.