Thursday, August 16, 2012

Of Unnamed Heroes and Brave Hearts

I’ve been seeing the video link of the MMDA officer over at FB for a couple of days already.  It is not my habit to open links and watch posted videos on FB unless I am directly tagged.  While here in Bulan, I always check news online because I don’t watch tv often here.  This morning I saw a news bit about the MMDA officer and that a case has already been filled.  I decided to check out the story and googled videos to find out what the news is all about.

I ended up crying.  I am so mad at the Carabuenas and my heart is bleeding for Mang Saturnino.  Often times when stuck in traffic I would see MMDA officers sweating and trying to brave the heat of the sun or coldness of the rain.  I would often wonder, “Magkano kaya sweldo ng mga yan?  I’m sure di pa kasya pampaospital pag nagkasakit.” I always hear stories of how there are abusive traffic enforces trying to get money from the traffic violators but in my years of driving, I have nothing but good experiences with them. 

I admit I’m not a perfect driver, I have committed traffic violations not because I have malicious intentions of committing them but often times because I didn’t know or I was left with no other choice but commit it.  Yes it was my “ignorance” that made me an offender and I’m not making any excuses.

I would often tell the enforcer “Manong gusto ko sanang aregluhin to kaya lang po baka mas magalit kayo sa akin.”  That’s how I always make the segue for the “areglo”.  I don’t want to end up with more violations by bribing an officer.  I would always end up going away without a ticket, without giving any money and at times being escorted by the MMDA while I go on my way from the scene.  Yes, I leave with just a “pabaong lecture” from Mamang MMDA.  I know I’m lucky, must be because I was RESPECTFUL, something that the Carabuena A-hole lacks.

In the recent Habagat floodings, I prayed for the unnamed heroes.  People we see on photos and tv helping others.  Individuals who went out of their ways, endangering their own lives just to help children, the old and the handicapped.  Same with the police force, traffic force, people who try their best to keep us, the masses whom they don’t personally know, safe.  In each day of their lives they put themselves at risk to do their jobs.  Yes it’s a living, they may have no choice but do it but still it means a lot to us.  People need rules or else chaos will follow. 

There maybe some individuals from the force who taints their uniform and the reputation of the entire organization, but let us not forget that there are more who perform their job with pride and honor.  God bless all the unnamed heroes.  God bless Mang Saturnino.  God bless the Carabuena’s as well.  We have a just and mighty Lord God, He knows what we all deserve.

It’s almost the weekend friends, enjoy the rest of the week and enjoy the long weekend.  Coding might be lifted but please be responsible while on the road.

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