Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello 2012 3rd Quarter!

I know I should revamp this blog or if not at least give a little attention to it.  The calendar on my page were so last, last, last year (yes 2010 or so).  Anyway I have the time today that is why I decided to write something about what I have been up to the past few months.

2 of my good friends decided to go abroad for good.. Gabs went to Abu Dhabi (magkakalat ng lagim ala Sex & the City) while Saree is now in Sweden (not sure whether to study massage Swedish style or look for the guy with the dragon tattoo).  I miss them a lot because they are my bestest college friends and they serve as my caffeine.  I may miss them and I’m sad they left but I am happy for them because they decided to live their future the way they want it to be.  So ladies, good luck.  I miss and love you both.

I’m not sure if I already mentioned that the only good thing I like about travelling is that I get to catch up on my reading.  The airports (according to my foursquare account, airports are the places I frequent lately, sorry naman I need to be in the plane to actually be somewhere noh) are now my modern library.  Because everything is in touch technology now books included, just bring your tablet/e-books and you’re good to go.  I also bring my hard copies when I travel, especially since I still have tons of unread book collecting dusts on my shelf.  I like being in our (my hubby & my) hometown because I get to read in the evenings.  Well I don’t watch a lot of TV in Bulan because a.) not all my channels are available in the local cable b.) we are staying in hubby’s granny’s house when we’re both in Bulan and the house has only 1 TV reserved for hubby (and his arghh channels)  and lastly c.) I don’t want to lounge in the sala (even if it was just me & hubby inside the house), not my thing – I would only lie around looking like I own the place inside a bedroom.  What better way to pass the time (aside from watching downloaded TV series like our fave GoT) but to read?  I was able to finish 2-3 books whenever I’m in Bulan and I so love the feeling of being able to finish a whole book.  
photo from the web
I am currently reading book 2 of EL James’ trilogy.  The book is so controversial and there a lot of discussions about it but it’s just light reading do not delve too much on erotic side if you find it so scandalous.  Thanks to friend Rhei for convincing me to read it because she said “she cried” when she was reading it so I thought it must be good.  It’s okay, not so great but I am only on book 2.  One needs to read all 3 to appreciate it.

I finally found the workout for me, its Bikram Yoga.  I have never been so sweaty in my entire life.  I’ve ran a number of marathons but not Bikram sweaty.  Let’s see how long I will like it (until sawa mode comes).  BYA studio is also kind enough to freeze my membership whenever I am away out of town or in Bicol so it’s a plus for me.  I don’t need to feel sad over not being able to fully utilizing my monthly membership because I am in Manila 3 weeks a month only.

So that's it for now boys and girls.  W arrives this Saturday.  Yehey!

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