Friday, May 25, 2012

Lifehouse 2.0, M & Today

When I watched Lifehouse in 2008 I was with my bestfriends, this time is more special because W, the number 1 fan of the band would be able to watch them.  My day would be packed tomorrow but I'm excited...for a million different things.

I just love this week that passed, this weekend, everything about it.

My friend M rose from a long FB pause.  Well it's not that FB is a priority but he completely spaced out for a while.  I'm just happy he loves his independence now, loves life in general.  Apir dear!

I should work now, time will be in a haste today I know.  Rhei and I will paint Makati pink (for kikay).

Happy weekend boys & girls!  God bless us all!

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