Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kodak Moment

It’s confirmed, our very own wedding photographer was also the photographer of O & K in their engagement session and on their actual wedding yesterday in Batangas J.

Yes I’m back after days of snoozing from the blogosphere. Here’s my entry for the year, MY HAPPY NEW YEAR, a chismax about our photographer. Well it made me really giddy cos I’m in the middle of doing my own preparation as well. I really love NU, his shots are really bright, sunny, happy, cheerful (I know the adjectives are almost the same). Whenever I look at his photos - I smile, that’s how happy he can make me through his art. I wish I could look oh so pretty also when it’s my turn to be on his spotlight for my own Kodak moment. This is how happy W made me when we made the decision of booking NU.

After this week my wediste and this blog will be back in the game. I’ll be posting new entries after we booked the other important stuff this weekend. I cannot wait to have our excel file updated as well. W has been going on and on about the budget (hehehe I’ve been giving him balloon versions of the budget, been buffering it A LOT so that he raise it haha!).

I really love Thursdays. It’s almost the weekend! Yey!