Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Who The?

What would make me sleep a real sleep, I wonder - all the time. The what became "how" and now I've resorted to "WHO". The million dollar question now is who.

I find myself staring at the ceiling most of the time. I need to sleep around 12 so that I could have atleast 3 hours of rest (not even a goodnight sleep) when I wake up at 3 am to read. Crazy as it is... I really need to get up, read and start the day early as the sun rises. My pimples are the living proof of that and although I have more often failed to wake up on the first sound of the alarm, I try my best to discipline myself with waking up at 3.


Updates on the sleepwalker e-buzz... oh well, I have a new past time - torturing the soul of an ex-friend. Ex-friend why? He used to be my friend's significant other, we became friends since I am nice (harhar) they broke up, he became an asshole overnight. Chaos began when I unlocked the mystery by being brave enough to let what I think known by a lot of people (so you see I started it... I let the objects of his Pandora's box escape). Truth emerged and it was nasty. Do I regret being involved? Yes & No. Yes because now the war (I'm a peace loving person, *gulp*) is on and No because the SOAB was being possed by evil spirits named Inday and Lucrecia that is why he deserves to be exorcised. And anything for Babs, will do anything & everything for her.

It is really absurd and it really sucks when some people's comprehension skills are really way way below acceptable level. Word of advise, the key is to focus. If you're being attacked verbally, fight like a man (if you're a man) - don't be a coward or go running to hide on somebody else's skirt and then use it as a shield. Don't lie, don't curse (or atleast when you do make sure it's a legitimate word that could earn you an accusation for profanity) and most of all if you can't express it in English, don't ever dare use English words - the message you were trying to convey will all be meaningless - it'll only be you who'll get what you mean - message sending failed. It'll be very pathetic believe me. So try using Tagalog instead - this way your message will be crystal clear. Whoa... context clue? Not even applicable to the words you used.

Do not fight a character assasination with a physical appearance issue. It is not a match - purely a waste of time. Not worth debating on because my near blind eyes (but thanks to contact lenses for making it back to 20/20 vision) don't lie. And if you're smart even a bit, looks doesn't matter anymore (atleast to me and to a lot of people I'm pretty sure). What's sad is that you're not smart, not even nice, you have the worst choice of words, you're genuinely pathetic and an eyesore. How lonely could that be?

So now that the battle is on, like we said - bring it on. Just make sure you can end things that you started. If not, we'll finish them off for you, it will not be a pretty sight. It'll make you wish that our roads shouldn't have never crossed.