Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Bestfriend's Birthday

I wanted to write something meaningful today, you see it’s my bestfriend Luchie’s birthday and because I love her so dearly I wanted to share how lucky I am because I grew up having a best friend like her.  So here it goes… Luchie and I are second cousins but we only get to know each other when we started High School.  We are cousins yes, but we were not instant friends. We became friends in our sophomore year and we were inseparable ever since. 

There is this saying that we can never choose our families but we can always choose our friends.  I am just glad that I have a (blood) family and friendship combined in Luchie.  I do not want to dramatize that we both been through a lot together and individually but it is true.  We’ve been through a loss of a parent (her Papa), we’ve been through heartaches and pain, rejection and fear.  Between the 2 of us I can say my bestfriend is the stronger and the braver one.  She has the biggest heart and she deserves the blessing she’s been poured in the past years.

She can be bossy, yes.  She can be persistent.  She can be opinionated.  She can be demanding.  But all of these in pure reasonable boundaries.

We do not have a perfect friendship.  We don’t fight but we sometimes get disappointed bordering upset with each other.  I do not agree with her all the time and she’s the same with me.  I tell her everything and I think she tells me pretty much everything too.

There are times when I’m sad that I cry in the ungodly hours of the morning and just wish that she’s awake so that I can hear a voice that would comfort me.  

I was talking to my husband last night and he’s teasing me why I would go home for the Holy week on Monday and not this weekend.  He said I have the weekend off so we should maximize out time together – we being a long distance married couple.  I accused him of competing with my bestfriend who is home for this week.  I told him he doesn’t understand how it is to have a bestfriend in life.  I was pretty feisty and ready for a debate.  My husband conceded.  I know he’s only teasing me because he already told me before that he’s happy for me that I have Luchie to turn to whenever I feel an overflow of emotion, happy or sad.

An on this special day, I am grateful to Him that a new year has been blessed to me.  Yes, you read it right, a new year blessed to me and it is not even my birthday.  A new year to share life with my bestfriend.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!