Thursday, December 29, 2005


Can’t sleep when I should have been sleeping. I decided to write anything that comes into my mind… ideas are jumping up & down. The only problem is that it’ll be the real me, meaning no unified though no single detail. I envy a lot of bloggers for having the writing skills that can really make the readers actually entertained. Special mention to Rosey, I really like the way she presents her stuff – as if I was there to witness it.

Anyway to amuse you of you’re boredom here’s a piece of shit to ruin your day:

I would love to stay mysterious & innovative & stylish when it comes to blog writing cos I cannot help but laugh at one rubbish site I have visited earlier. I am bad cos I called the work rubbish but believe me you will agree when you read it. It was a waste of time for me & a waste of cyber content.

As in Michael Learns to Rock. For those who don’t know this band – I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!! Aminin! On our bus ride last Monday from Manila to Bicol the driver was really into the MLTR & Michael Bolton music. Shit, may LSS pa ko nung ibang songs & I hate it. Anyway, my bestfriend Luchie was seated at the last row of the bus while I was near mid aisle, I texted her saying that the songs were preparing her arrival at the place we grew up – she was last here 8 years ago. MLTR songs were the uso songs before when we were in high school (mid 90s), I never liked their songs maybe except for Sleeping Child that I find myself singing a few times in the past as a lullaby for myself. I don’t know but a lot find their songs romantic & nostalgic while I find them tragic – oo tragic hehehe. I dunno I have never heard a happy MLTR song. If you can give me one lalabas na fan ka nila right? So I guess I would never receive any positive feedback on this shit.

Some old friends & I were at the beach last night, wala lang kwentuhan ng buhay buhay. There are four of us, 2 married while Chie & I were not (AKA the cynic chics). I think that in one’s married life turbulence come along but my hands down (di up) to Cel & Dette, I love you both & am praying for both of you. I could strangle your GFN husbands and leave them to rot!!! Damn I hate guys like that. I am not writing this to broadcast the miseries but rather to give you both the encouragement and my admiration because you both become good Moms. And I know that it’s not the ending for your stories yet, I wish you luck & love for 2006. Now on a lighter note on the same topic, Chie mentioned “Baka ikasal ka nga talaga ng 2006”. Bestfriend, you think so? Hehehe I am so excited!!! Dahil dyan maid of honor ka!

Oh boy how I love hot springs. I love them a lot that I can dip my body in one for 8 solid hours. I hate the rain especially on a work day. Bathing in a hot spring with cold rain drops falling on your face – stuck your tongue out & taste the sweet droplets from the sky – PERFECT MOMENT! And I just had one earlier today (ay yesterday pala technically speaking cos it’s the 29th already). It was one of those moments when your own music video is playing inside your mind. When the soundtrack is the favorite song of a lifetime and when the picture in mind is the boy you’re so crazy about. Cheesy I know but that’s how I feel.

As Chie & Chard were praying & talking to their Pop, I was busy capturing the beautiful sky with color partitions in vivid purple, orange & red & where the clouds are slowly drifting & moving towards one direction – seemingly looking like cotton candies in various animal shapes. This is the kind of life I dreamt of, life in peace although not in solitude but in happiness. The sky was transformed after several days of heavy rains. It was perfect, not too sunny cos the sun’s beginning to set. Little things in life that Mother Nature brings to you – it made me travel into a thousand light years, made me travel a billion miles. The experience transcends the aura I’m longing – love.

In a few more days we’ll all say our goodbyes to 2005 and kiss 2006 hello. I am so excited not only for me but for my family & friends, this is it – the year we’re all waiting for. I’m pretty positive that this will be our year. If I am mistaken, I don’t care this is still my year.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Unwrapping the Wrapped

Last night (Christmas Eve) I took the time unwrapping all the presents I have received from family & friends. As a person with no EQ and all (according to friends cos I cannot contain myself from peeking at what’s inside each present) it doesn’t matter that I already know the contents of some gifts I have. I lined them up & took their pictures and tada! Here they are.

Thanks to all for the wonderful presents. I know Christmas is not just about the gifts given & received – something more important symbolizes this special occasion but still my heartfelt thanks & gratitude to the thoughtful souls who have remembered me this holiday season.

God bless you all!
Many happy returns muah!!!

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all!

To those who actually take their time in browsing this site... to those who accidentally came across this site & most especially to my friends who always visit.

Happy Christmas to all... God bless!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

More pics from MLA kita kits :)

Ginawa na naman kameng manika ni Jen (uto-uto kase talaga ata kame ni sis), we were made to wear beautiful beads, the one Jeny wore was the gifts she got from Mommy Grace while the beads I have on were ate Lileth's. Mommy Grace said they look good on me :)

We Are A Family

I started working for MLA right after college and thanks this company for I wouldn't have the best friends & colleagues I now have if not for that opportunity. Fresh out of college, I was a skinny girl, shy and just mataray. Other than that I knew nothing about the working life and the life outside the comfort of my parents’ protection, professors' guidance & friends' support. I am infact alone - at first - but as the days go by I became a part of a family and as what families do traditionally during holidays we met up for our annual Christmas dinner & exchange gift last Dec 21 at Cabalen Glorietta. The Agawan Gift was a success. Those present (with presents for everybody) are Ms. E, Ate Lileth, Mommy Grace, Jeng, Dines, Jen, Pen, Cheryl & me.

Above: Jeng, Dines, Mommy Grace, Me, Ate Lileth & Cheryl

Below: With Jeng & Mommy Grace

Picture below: Cheryl, Pen, Ms. Edna & Jen

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

UNP (GB3 December 19, 2005)

We call ourselves the UNPredictables way back in HS. We were really living an unpredictable life but after HS til now Mark, Luch, Tonie, Yong & I remained intact (minsan nakakaduda pero sige pwede na rin).

Tonie & Chie haven’t seen each other for ages and they actually weren’t on speaking terms for months. Mark & I last saw Luch late June of this year, so that was 6 months ago. But friends will always be friends. When Chie arrived at the airport last Sunday (Mark & I & Bianca was there to meet & greet her) I have realized how much I have missed the one & only best friend that I have in my life. And when we hugged each other it was not seconds that we’re counting it was a minute or so. It’s so good to have her back even for a short time.

The celebration was Tonie’s despedida (I miss you na, it has been hours pa lang since you left Pinas but it makes me sad cos I won’t be seeing you uli for a year!) and Luchie’s bienvenida. As Mark called it – fiesta! We dined at Crocodile Grille GB3 and feasted on Filipino food. Laughs, stories and ideas were swarming and were exchanged. Yong didn’t make it (for the million nth times) and he was truly missed. The dinner was followed with a short walk to 6750 because coffee shops at GB3 are totally crowded (it was a Monday but still arghhh!). The walk was good cos it made us burn some of the remnants of the sumptuous meal. The night was concluded after coffee, it was really late, all of them are from the north (QC, Marikina & Nova) while I have to go home back to the south, thank God for my driver in shinning armor (peace Jo!) I don’t need to worry about going home late & alone.

True friends – they’re with you forever. These great peeps have been with me more than half my life already and I am so looking forward to spending more years with them. Thanks Luchie, for being the best “best friend” one could ask for, thanks for the gift (the only gift that I haven’t opened yet – Mark may konti na akong EQ) thanks for the friendship & love. Mark, my brother! Thanks for always being at our side protecting us and keeping our feet on the ground – for knocking our heads when we’re becoming insane. And Tonie, the little girl of the group (unnamed group hehehe), now a woman. I am glad that you’re happy – stay that way & take care of yourself. You can’t blame us if we’re ultra protective, you’re the baby eh.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Won't Let the Rain Ruin My Parade

Yes not even the rain, my sunny disposition will never let them ruin my day, promise.

It was cold outside, nothing that a hot cup of coffee can’t cure. The label said “best before Oct 2005” it doesn’t matter – it’s a Starbucks Espresso blend anyway it said “best before” and not expiration date (what’s the difference?) so it means it’s not anymore the “best time” to consume it but who cares? It’s still coffee and it still tastes good. Now tigress was in a bad mood, it doesn’t matter I had a nice good sleep and I know she doesn’t (I had like 3 hours only but it was dreamless). The queue at the bank was a little long - Jen said it wasn’t but who cares? I don’t – it’s a nice escape from the office hehehe.

I still feel warm and fuzzy inside, wasn’t able to get enough sleep but I’m happy. Yes I am happy and would love to stay this way forever.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Jologs Christmas Party 2005

Nakaraos na din sa wakas ang aming the party of the year (the only party). Those in attendance were Chona & Ronald, Ziella & Edward, Gabs, Jonal, Joey, Mark, Saree & Hydee and myself. The food is great every year naman okay mga dalang food sa potluck, this year best seller ang sinigang ni Gabs & Hungrypac moist chocolate cake na bili ni Joey. I realized that all my friends are really nice & polite - ako lang ata ang mean. We all agreed that we'll do "agawan gift" instead of numbering them then getting the gift that corresponds to the number you got (traditional exchange gift). As the name suggest pwede mong agawin ang gift na nakuha na ng iba but all my friends (headed by Ma'am Jean aka Chona) dread the pain of rejection hehehe pangit daw feeling ng di magustuhan gift mo. But in the end it appeared that all gifts were really nice and those who picked a particular gift had no plans of exchanging them na cos they liked it already.

Eto ang picture na gagawing album cover ng tatlong itlog este ng bandang itatayo ni Jonal, Edward at Joey. Sa bandang to Jonal will play the marakas, Edward on tambourine & Joey on triangle, yes puro percussions yun lang kaya nila hehehe.

Although Chona & Ronald got lost finding my place they arrived in one piece, nahassle nga lang cos it rained really hard last Saturday. And due to my powerful direction instruction skills - ayun they got lost sorry kaya mga friends!

Si Saree muntik nang maagawan ng cellphone nung #%&* na bata sa jeep, buti na lang Fafa Mark saved the day. Hmpft takot lang nya kay Mark noh! Dadaganan sya nun. And in fairness ang sister kong si Saree blooming, broken hearted pa yan ha pero ang ganda ganda nya (Sar, I'll collect the payment later).

Sa picture above, hulaan nyo kung sino ang mag-ex? Is it A, B or C? Hehehe.

The party was a success I should say, it's really great spending bond time with good friends - those whom you spend half of your life, those who knows you inside and out, those who comforts you when your heart is bleeding, people you can depend on to (emotional support, physical support kahit pa financial support).

HIGHLIGHTS of the event:

1. Dahil wala kameng cable - lahat sila gusto akong patayin dahil walang channel 2 TV ko wala akong matinong antenna. Alas nueve ng gabi ay gusto na nilang mag walk out sa bahay hehehe, o di kaya ay mang gising ng cable company para magpakabit or di kaya mambulabog sa hardware to buy Baron super antenna daw. Sa madaling sabi - di sila nakanood ng PBB finals (buti na lang may by the minute update sila from Chona's Mom - ultimo Studio 23 at DZMM pinagtyagaan nila hoping to get PBB updates).

2. Story telling time featuring Ms. Saree Manriquez. Lahat ng dumating tatanungin what happened to Saree & #%$. Sinabihan ko na si Saree to wait for all of our friends to arrive para isang pasada na lang ng kwento - tigas ng ulo ayun halos mapaos ata ng kakaulit ng kwento nya.

3. Ang Sinigang ni Gabs - as usual late si Gabs. Nakakain na kame at lahat kulang pa ang ulam namin at wala pa kameng dessert. But when Gabs arrived sinigang dala nya so maraming kumain uli yummy kase nung dala nya.

4. Gift giving - syempre pa it's nice to know that lahat ay nag abalang mag shop para ibigay sa bawat isa. Thanks mga sis & bro for the gifts! I love everything that I received!

5. Exorcism of Emily Rose on DVD na si Chona at Hydee lang ang nagtyangang tumapos (Mark, Gabs, Joey, Edward & I have seen it already) in the end nung tulugan na Chona requested not to turn the the kitchen bulb off - natakot ang lola nyo.

Too bad the others didn't make it this year like Vines & Ian, Daei, Doland, Joel & Richard. Di bale we'll see you guys soon and definitely on next year's party.


Dr. Thurman: Is the search for God absurd?
Donnie: It is if you die alone.

One of the best movie I have ever seen, no wonder why Jo is going crazy acquiring a DVD of this. 3 words I can say to compliment this great movie: profound, heartwarming & astounding.

Friday, December 09, 2005

La Dolce Vita

I feel so blessed, for things, love and graces given – for those asked, unasked & surprises.

I asked for a Jesse McCartney CD or a Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway and my sister gave me Jesse. It’s just mababaw but I feel good listening to their songs. I am so dying to have the red Benetton laptop bag (hard to find – out of stock – no longer available – usual replies from Gift Gate, Oh & by the way thanks to my personal assistant for inquiring from various stores hehehe mas may talent ako sayo beeh!!!) I was able to reserve one at Gift Gate Alabang Town Center and will just pick it up on Dec 23. My ever cutie cuz Kuya Bern’s package for me arrived this week – TADA! The Empire Records Limited Fan Edition DVD that I have been wishing for eons of ages ago (OA hehehe I’m sorry I got carried away). I am just so happy but these are all materials things. Well if I am to blabber on emotional stuff this will all be boring but I am thankful for my groovy family – so looking forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks.

And then the party of the year (duh, this is the only party of the year cos we hold just one every year hehehe) is tomorrow – finally. My mind is so full of what to buy – thinking if I miss anything for the preparation. Since I was so caught up with the tiangges we had I feel worried about tomorrow and because it’ll be held at my place I feel like cleaning the whole house and make it sparkling. I am so excited to have all my friends chattering in one room. I know it’ll be noisy and loud but I am not gonna complain – I miss them so much and haven’t seem most of them for more than a year now like Chonsie.

I met up with Ate Joy earlier, we had lunch at ATC – the usual we were both busy exchanging stories about what happened to us lately. Thanks Ate Joy for the gifts – I’m not going to take a peek on it will wait for Christmas promise. I am so happy that Danny is here with you this Christmas :-)

Now I have my eye on the rest of the wish list (wag nyong seryosohin – I mellowed down this year – I don’t demand for the particular gifts anymore I used a strategy hehehe more on doing the reverse and friends oh they love to bother me with what I really want so mas effective). The I still don’t have the O Zahir book, I saw this really cool greenish jacket at Artwork with lil puff sleeves (not too puffy) and Lacoste Pour Femme would be lovely (I wonder if Betsy Luchie is reading this). What else what else? Ah Curt Cobain’s Journal would be fantastic too.

That’s all for today – pictures from the party will definitely make it next week. See you friends! Happy weekend everybody!


Funny, sweet & heartwarming - you guys should watch this :-)

Kim Jung Hwa (from Non-Stop hehehe my fave) & Yu Kong (so good looking & funny!)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005

Mahirap maging SALESLADY

As in ang hirap, sabi nga ng sister ko “now you know, next time be nice to them”. Not that I am not nice to sales attendants because I am pero there are times when I hate them when they pop out of nowhere then tails you from one rack to another. Isn’t that irritating? I know a lot of you would agree with me. Anyway, selling things even just to your friends is super tiring, look at what happened to me – I am now stuck here bored at home suffering from back pains & fever.

Thanks to my sister for the Christmas gift!!! Natanggap ko na yesterday ang aking Jesse CD. Hay Jesse :) *sigh*.

I would also like to thank a couple of friends for dropping by at my house yesterday and of course for buying goodies from what we’re selling. Daei & Issa and Jonal, salamat sa pagbili hehehe marami pa dito baka may pagbibigyan pa kayo ;-)

Next agenda – the annual Xmas party that my friends & I throw every year. This year we’re saying our byes to Prime Town cos we will be holding it this year at my house. Food has already been planned and we’re excited cos this is the time of the year na complete kame. We’ve been doing this for almost 4 years now and I am so happy and blessed to have Gabs, Zie, Saree, Vina, Gene & Chona as best friends. And the circle became wider, the circumference doubled – now we have Joey, Edward, Marco, Ian, Jonal, Issey, and a lot more in our special ring. This year we are so looking forward to having more friends around. We just hope that this will be as good as the past celebrations we had or better. Anyway just having my girls around is already a great opportunity to laugh cry & reminisce happy moments.

20 more days before Xmas and list is still incomplete. Super busy cos of the tiangge stints and nagrereklamo na sa bahay (my sister was here for the weekend) di pa ko nakapag grocery hehehe sorry. Next week busy pa rin. Pero this is really fulfilling pwede pala akong negosyante hehehe.