Wednesday, December 21, 2005

UNP (GB3 December 19, 2005)

We call ourselves the UNPredictables way back in HS. We were really living an unpredictable life but after HS til now Mark, Luch, Tonie, Yong & I remained intact (minsan nakakaduda pero sige pwede na rin).

Tonie & Chie haven’t seen each other for ages and they actually weren’t on speaking terms for months. Mark & I last saw Luch late June of this year, so that was 6 months ago. But friends will always be friends. When Chie arrived at the airport last Sunday (Mark & I & Bianca was there to meet & greet her) I have realized how much I have missed the one & only best friend that I have in my life. And when we hugged each other it was not seconds that we’re counting it was a minute or so. It’s so good to have her back even for a short time.

The celebration was Tonie’s despedida (I miss you na, it has been hours pa lang since you left Pinas but it makes me sad cos I won’t be seeing you uli for a year!) and Luchie’s bienvenida. As Mark called it – fiesta! We dined at Crocodile Grille GB3 and feasted on Filipino food. Laughs, stories and ideas were swarming and were exchanged. Yong didn’t make it (for the million nth times) and he was truly missed. The dinner was followed with a short walk to 6750 because coffee shops at GB3 are totally crowded (it was a Monday but still arghhh!). The walk was good cos it made us burn some of the remnants of the sumptuous meal. The night was concluded after coffee, it was really late, all of them are from the north (QC, Marikina & Nova) while I have to go home back to the south, thank God for my driver in shinning armor (peace Jo!) I don’t need to worry about going home late & alone.

True friends – they’re with you forever. These great peeps have been with me more than half my life already and I am so looking forward to spending more years with them. Thanks Luchie, for being the best “best friend” one could ask for, thanks for the gift (the only gift that I haven’t opened yet – Mark may konti na akong EQ) thanks for the friendship & love. Mark, my brother! Thanks for always being at our side protecting us and keeping our feet on the ground – for knocking our heads when we’re becoming insane. And Tonie, the little girl of the group (unnamed group hehehe), now a woman. I am glad that you’re happy – stay that way & take care of yourself. You can’t blame us if we’re ultra protective, you’re the baby eh.

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