Monday, December 05, 2005

Mahirap maging SALESLADY

As in ang hirap, sabi nga ng sister ko “now you know, next time be nice to them”. Not that I am not nice to sales attendants because I am pero there are times when I hate them when they pop out of nowhere then tails you from one rack to another. Isn’t that irritating? I know a lot of you would agree with me. Anyway, selling things even just to your friends is super tiring, look at what happened to me – I am now stuck here bored at home suffering from back pains & fever.

Thanks to my sister for the Christmas gift!!! Natanggap ko na yesterday ang aking Jesse CD. Hay Jesse :) *sigh*.

I would also like to thank a couple of friends for dropping by at my house yesterday and of course for buying goodies from what we’re selling. Daei & Issa and Jonal, salamat sa pagbili hehehe marami pa dito baka may pagbibigyan pa kayo ;-)

Next agenda – the annual Xmas party that my friends & I throw every year. This year we’re saying our byes to Prime Town cos we will be holding it this year at my house. Food has already been planned and we’re excited cos this is the time of the year na complete kame. We’ve been doing this for almost 4 years now and I am so happy and blessed to have Gabs, Zie, Saree, Vina, Gene & Chona as best friends. And the circle became wider, the circumference doubled – now we have Joey, Edward, Marco, Ian, Jonal, Issey, and a lot more in our special ring. This year we are so looking forward to having more friends around. We just hope that this will be as good as the past celebrations we had or better. Anyway just having my girls around is already a great opportunity to laugh cry & reminisce happy moments.

20 more days before Xmas and list is still incomplete. Super busy cos of the tiangge stints and nagrereklamo na sa bahay (my sister was here for the weekend) di pa ko nakapag grocery hehehe sorry. Next week busy pa rin. Pero this is really fulfilling pwede pala akong negosyante hehehe.

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