Friday, December 09, 2005

La Dolce Vita

I feel so blessed, for things, love and graces given – for those asked, unasked & surprises.

I asked for a Jesse McCartney CD or a Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway and my sister gave me Jesse. It’s just mababaw but I feel good listening to their songs. I am so dying to have the red Benetton laptop bag (hard to find – out of stock – no longer available – usual replies from Gift Gate, Oh & by the way thanks to my personal assistant for inquiring from various stores hehehe mas may talent ako sayo beeh!!!) I was able to reserve one at Gift Gate Alabang Town Center and will just pick it up on Dec 23. My ever cutie cuz Kuya Bern’s package for me arrived this week – TADA! The Empire Records Limited Fan Edition DVD that I have been wishing for eons of ages ago (OA hehehe I’m sorry I got carried away). I am just so happy but these are all materials things. Well if I am to blabber on emotional stuff this will all be boring but I am thankful for my groovy family – so looking forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks.

And then the party of the year (duh, this is the only party of the year cos we hold just one every year hehehe) is tomorrow – finally. My mind is so full of what to buy – thinking if I miss anything for the preparation. Since I was so caught up with the tiangges we had I feel worried about tomorrow and because it’ll be held at my place I feel like cleaning the whole house and make it sparkling. I am so excited to have all my friends chattering in one room. I know it’ll be noisy and loud but I am not gonna complain – I miss them so much and haven’t seem most of them for more than a year now like Chonsie.

I met up with Ate Joy earlier, we had lunch at ATC – the usual we were both busy exchanging stories about what happened to us lately. Thanks Ate Joy for the gifts – I’m not going to take a peek on it will wait for Christmas promise. I am so happy that Danny is here with you this Christmas :-)

Now I have my eye on the rest of the wish list (wag nyong seryosohin – I mellowed down this year – I don’t demand for the particular gifts anymore I used a strategy hehehe more on doing the reverse and friends oh they love to bother me with what I really want so mas effective). The I still don’t have the O Zahir book, I saw this really cool greenish jacket at Artwork with lil puff sleeves (not too puffy) and Lacoste Pour Femme would be lovely (I wonder if Betsy Luchie is reading this). What else what else? Ah Curt Cobain’s Journal would be fantastic too.

That’s all for today – pictures from the party will definitely make it next week. See you friends! Happy weekend everybody!

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