Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Won't Let the Rain Ruin My Parade

Yes not even the rain, my sunny disposition will never let them ruin my day, promise.

It was cold outside, nothing that a hot cup of coffee can’t cure. The label said “best before Oct 2005” it doesn’t matter – it’s a Starbucks Espresso blend anyway it said “best before” and not expiration date (what’s the difference?) so it means it’s not anymore the “best time” to consume it but who cares? It’s still coffee and it still tastes good. Now tigress was in a bad mood, it doesn’t matter I had a nice good sleep and I know she doesn’t (I had like 3 hours only but it was dreamless). The queue at the bank was a little long - Jen said it wasn’t but who cares? I don’t – it’s a nice escape from the office hehehe.

I still feel warm and fuzzy inside, wasn’t able to get enough sleep but I’m happy. Yes I am happy and would love to stay this way forever.

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