Friday, December 23, 2005

We Are A Family

I started working for MLA right after college and thanks this company for I wouldn't have the best friends & colleagues I now have if not for that opportunity. Fresh out of college, I was a skinny girl, shy and just mataray. Other than that I knew nothing about the working life and the life outside the comfort of my parents’ protection, professors' guidance & friends' support. I am infact alone - at first - but as the days go by I became a part of a family and as what families do traditionally during holidays we met up for our annual Christmas dinner & exchange gift last Dec 21 at Cabalen Glorietta. The Agawan Gift was a success. Those present (with presents for everybody) are Ms. E, Ate Lileth, Mommy Grace, Jeng, Dines, Jen, Pen, Cheryl & me.

Above: Jeng, Dines, Mommy Grace, Me, Ate Lileth & Cheryl

Below: With Jeng & Mommy Grace

Picture below: Cheryl, Pen, Ms. Edna & Jen

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