Thursday, December 29, 2005


Can’t sleep when I should have been sleeping. I decided to write anything that comes into my mind… ideas are jumping up & down. The only problem is that it’ll be the real me, meaning no unified though no single detail. I envy a lot of bloggers for having the writing skills that can really make the readers actually entertained. Special mention to Rosey, I really like the way she presents her stuff – as if I was there to witness it.

Anyway to amuse you of you’re boredom here’s a piece of shit to ruin your day:

I would love to stay mysterious & innovative & stylish when it comes to blog writing cos I cannot help but laugh at one rubbish site I have visited earlier. I am bad cos I called the work rubbish but believe me you will agree when you read it. It was a waste of time for me & a waste of cyber content.

As in Michael Learns to Rock. For those who don’t know this band – I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!! Aminin! On our bus ride last Monday from Manila to Bicol the driver was really into the MLTR & Michael Bolton music. Shit, may LSS pa ko nung ibang songs & I hate it. Anyway, my bestfriend Luchie was seated at the last row of the bus while I was near mid aisle, I texted her saying that the songs were preparing her arrival at the place we grew up – she was last here 8 years ago. MLTR songs were the uso songs before when we were in high school (mid 90s), I never liked their songs maybe except for Sleeping Child that I find myself singing a few times in the past as a lullaby for myself. I don’t know but a lot find their songs romantic & nostalgic while I find them tragic – oo tragic hehehe. I dunno I have never heard a happy MLTR song. If you can give me one lalabas na fan ka nila right? So I guess I would never receive any positive feedback on this shit.

Some old friends & I were at the beach last night, wala lang kwentuhan ng buhay buhay. There are four of us, 2 married while Chie & I were not (AKA the cynic chics). I think that in one’s married life turbulence come along but my hands down (di up) to Cel & Dette, I love you both & am praying for both of you. I could strangle your GFN husbands and leave them to rot!!! Damn I hate guys like that. I am not writing this to broadcast the miseries but rather to give you both the encouragement and my admiration because you both become good Moms. And I know that it’s not the ending for your stories yet, I wish you luck & love for 2006. Now on a lighter note on the same topic, Chie mentioned “Baka ikasal ka nga talaga ng 2006”. Bestfriend, you think so? Hehehe I am so excited!!! Dahil dyan maid of honor ka!

Oh boy how I love hot springs. I love them a lot that I can dip my body in one for 8 solid hours. I hate the rain especially on a work day. Bathing in a hot spring with cold rain drops falling on your face – stuck your tongue out & taste the sweet droplets from the sky – PERFECT MOMENT! And I just had one earlier today (ay yesterday pala technically speaking cos it’s the 29th already). It was one of those moments when your own music video is playing inside your mind. When the soundtrack is the favorite song of a lifetime and when the picture in mind is the boy you’re so crazy about. Cheesy I know but that’s how I feel.

As Chie & Chard were praying & talking to their Pop, I was busy capturing the beautiful sky with color partitions in vivid purple, orange & red & where the clouds are slowly drifting & moving towards one direction – seemingly looking like cotton candies in various animal shapes. This is the kind of life I dreamt of, life in peace although not in solitude but in happiness. The sky was transformed after several days of heavy rains. It was perfect, not too sunny cos the sun’s beginning to set. Little things in life that Mother Nature brings to you – it made me travel into a thousand light years, made me travel a billion miles. The experience transcends the aura I’m longing – love.

In a few more days we’ll all say our goodbyes to 2005 and kiss 2006 hello. I am so excited not only for me but for my family & friends, this is it – the year we’re all waiting for. I’m pretty positive that this will be our year. If I am mistaken, I don’t care this is still my year.

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... beachfreak said...

Wow. Special mention akich. :*) Hehe.

Hey, you write well din naman eh. You just gotta find your own style. I like the shot of the orange sky. Beautiful sobra, makes me want to see it for real.

Ah, marriage. My tita said her wish for me was to get married this year. I didn't have the heart to laugh out loud at her wish because she was real serious and all. All I could do was gulp down any hirits i wanted to say.

happy new year!