Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Furious Labo

Latest Update: these photos were taken just this morning.
My Labo plant is furious grabe di na mapigilan paglago, sige baby go lang! Can't wait for your first hair cut hehehe.

Lifehouse Concert

Videos from the Lifehouse concert last Saturday (July 26), our seats were really great. I had lots of fun with Zie, Luchie & Sophie (o di ba lahat sila ending in ie - so? wala lang hehehe).

As always my, recorded videos are not that clear. Di bale, the band naman was really good.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Labo Update

Yipee! Tumubo na :)

Here are some pics of my plant, finally (sa wakas according to Jo) tumubo na rin.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Paul & Nancy June 28, 2008

Congratulations and Best Wishes once again to John Paul and Nancy! It was a pleasure being your commentator on your most important day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Video from HK Disneyland

Video from HK Disneyland's fireworks display at Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Work, Concerts, Batman and other Disasters

I was reading an old email from a friend circa 2004, we mentioned there na nakakabobo ang magtrabaho. Well mas nakakabobo ang walang trabaho. I’m experiencing that lately. I am doing nothing here in the office, ang dame kong petiks na oras. Time of the year when kinda plantsado naman ang lahat. No rush projects, no urgent campaigns.

Di mo tuloy maiwasan ang mag muni muni which is not healthy.

On a brighter side of life… my bestfriend is back and another good thing is that she’ll be able to watch the Lifehouse concert with me and Ziella on Saturday.

Ayos na may isa nang bright sa buhay ko but more on the gloomy part…

Stereophonics is performing in Hong Kong this week and sa Japan din. Why oh why dun lang? Made me think why I was born here in the Philippines, kakainis (I know super shallow but who cares? blog ko to hehehe).

Batman movie (The Dark Knight) is actually good but not great… uber haba (2 hours & 35 minutes) nawawalan tuloy ng gana viewers – not all I guess but I’m counting myself and Ziella plus a few other friends. Okay na sana it’s just that the makers really prolonged it to the extent that even the climatic parts became dragging. Buti na lang Heath Ledger was there with his great performance (and his demise making it more kakakilabot) sige na nga magandang maganda na yung movie. So now those who have watched it already knows who the villain na for the next installment.

Wawa naman Ben2, problematic dame disasters tsk tsk di kase ako sinasama sa plano eh wala tuloy syang taga sapak sa mga nang aaway sa kanya.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More HK Photos

from Rafi's camera (stolen from his facebook):

with Dines at the HK Disneyland Entrance
Sleeping Beauty's Castle at the back with Dinah & Rafi
at HK Time Square
Time Square pa din (may nagbago ba sa tayo ko? hehehe) taray ng bag na binili ni Dines, orig Coach bag for Tita Violy :)
cute rain coat, for 20$ - karamay namin sa ulan ng Lantau
Tagal ng train
dunno what's funny
uso yan, Chinese pose with Dines
Fan Gang, miss you Fafa Rafi

It's Happening

The Eraserheads Reunion on August 30 daw

Friday, July 11, 2008


I just noticed that my camera's date was incorrect, hehehe 2006... oh well I guess 2006 was a good year ayaw nyang umalis sa taong yun.

Dines-Raf-Anne... a Love Triangle in HK (hehehe)

Hello world!

I’m back from my 3 days stay in HK to visit my good friend Raffy. Dinah & I haven’t seen our dear Raffy for 7 years. And now that he had the opportunity to be in HK for 3 days (he’s based in LA) I’d like to share some of the photos (will post more the soonest photo’s from Dines & Raffy’s cams are uploaded).

Dines & Raffy in raincoats, uber ulan sa HK the whole time we were there.

The Fan Gang (moi, Dines & Raf)

stairways to Buddha (Big Buddha at Lantau)

Cool shot of the 360 cable car

feeling long time pals (high five)

Raffy baka hanginin ka

Dines & Raffy at the Monastery

photo above & below: at Times Square, ganda ni Jessie ;)

Tram at Victoria Peak

It's a Small World of Disneyland Photos

the rain didn't ruin the parade, me & Dines at Disneyland

It's really a small world... Raffy is Dinah's good friend since HS then I met Raffy in college, we became good friends too and then I met Dines after college, on my first job... the circle of life ;)

The first time I was in Disneyland wala si Minnie nag beauty rest... ngayon wala na syang kawala.

Happy weekend everyone!!! Enjoy!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Alin Alin...

Alin ang naiba?

Ofcourse the perfectly aligned parked silver car, hehehe tha't my doing. Tabingi pa rin... parking is definitely the hardest part of driving argh!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I miss..

my bestfriend...

the 4 hours we spent together last week while I watch you pack your things was super bitin.

hay buhay.