Friday, July 11, 2008

Dines-Raf-Anne... a Love Triangle in HK (hehehe)

Hello world!

I’m back from my 3 days stay in HK to visit my good friend Raffy. Dinah & I haven’t seen our dear Raffy for 7 years. And now that he had the opportunity to be in HK for 3 days (he’s based in LA) I’d like to share some of the photos (will post more the soonest photo’s from Dines & Raffy’s cams are uploaded).

Dines & Raffy in raincoats, uber ulan sa HK the whole time we were there.

The Fan Gang (moi, Dines & Raf)

stairways to Buddha (Big Buddha at Lantau)

Cool shot of the 360 cable car

feeling long time pals (high five)

Raffy baka hanginin ka

Dines & Raffy at the Monastery

photo above & below: at Times Square, ganda ni Jessie ;)

Tram at Victoria Peak

It's a Small World of Disneyland Photos

the rain didn't ruin the parade, me & Dines at Disneyland

It's really a small world... Raffy is Dinah's good friend since HS then I met Raffy in college, we became good friends too and then I met Dines after college, on my first job... the circle of life ;)

The first time I was in Disneyland wala si Minnie nag beauty rest... ngayon wala na syang kawala.

Happy weekend everyone!!! Enjoy!

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niQ said...

Anne, I LOOOVE your It's A Small World photos! mine were all blurred :-(