Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Umbrellas Are So Outdated

Hats are in :)

First & foremost my apologies to my mother Jenny, sorry po Nay I cannot sleep that’s why I have thought about blogging instead of staring at the ceiling.

I have been very busy these past few weeks - not that I am complaining cos I love every minute of my busy schedule. Never mind the sweat & the stress plus body aches, the laughter, bloopers & syempre the results of my activities were very fulfilling. In these weeks that passed I wore a lot of hats, hats that made me bonded with the people I love the most… some of these hats are:

The Son Hat
Yes for the nth time – my father have given me the position of a son (there are times when I think my Pop thinks that he has 2 sons – Pa, si kuya lang okay?). During the course of the conversation with my father I cannot help but smile, my Dad really trust me with masculine stuff. Gone are the amp & speakers’ errand, we are now up one notch we’re now into DRILLS. Yes my dears drills, barena, pambutas. I am now an educated daughter who can differentiate that Makita is to Japan, Black & Decker is to USA and Bosch is to Germany. Thanks to Pop for this info I will need to teach my children about this. WHAT??? I am gonna buy this??? What do I know with drills? Now what I did was make a detour from the home centers to hardwares, ika nga canvass canvass di ba? It’s a good thing that I went with my friend Jeng (who’s birthday is today & will end in 13 seconds while I was writing this HAPPY BIRTHDAY KLOG!) and Tita Violy when they went to Home Depot at The Fort last Saturday, we browsed at the available drills that is why more or less I now have an idea on what goes in a set. Then Sunday while malling with my niece Meng I dragged her to Ace Hardware for more info. This will be my Christmas gift for Pop kaya I’ll have to be great in choosing which is the best.

The Saleslady Hat
I don’t know if we have penchant for selling but so far my hermanas & I are surviving the sales world. This weekend I have discovered that I have a little power or persuasion hehehe, a few calls and voila orders na!

The Betsy Hat
Not that I complain for being a friend to my dears but it is worth mentioning that I was one last week. To my sweetie Chie, the online shopping via Friendster (you know what I mean) was fun – too bad our choices were limited. To my Fafa Bear Mark, I am so glad we went out last Friday – imagine the CDs that I would never have if we didn’t hanged out? And to know that you’re looking for the one na to brighten up your life is really comforting for me, you know how I will do anything to see you happy. Tonie, welcome back! You surprised me bruha! Namiss kita!!!

The Personal Shopper Hat
This is fun, most especially if there’s no budget margin. I enjoyed picking Moises’ gifts, I love wrapping gifts and most especially taking the gifts’ photos. If anyone knows how I can be a professional shopper (especially for the stars if such position is available) please holler and I will apply hehehe.

The Fairy JUDGE Mother Tiara
Although I don’t think I really judge people (no matter what you say, I didn’t judge you) this is a challenging role. Not only did I have to prove that I mean well, I have to defend my self to some people who thinks that I create discord to their lives. Now, Jores (your pathetic screen name) I am not judging you but I admit I find it fascinating okraying you hehehe. Seriously the tiara is not really for judging I believe it’s more of just the Fairy Godmother thingy. I just want what’s best for you kiddo.

The Messenger’s Hat
I hate Makati (if dining & shopping are not involved), I hate traveling (if long road trips & planes were not in the picture) and I hate government offices when they open at a slow motion pace every time I need something from the ASAP! Jenny HELP!!!

So many hats so little time for each, one by one you’ll have to endure each role. For some you look forward to doing again for some you wear it everyday & loving it but for some never again - but the best thing from these hats is that they never go out of fashion – in your lifetime you’ll have to try one to live your life to the fullest.

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