Friday, November 18, 2005

The Imperius Curse

Although last night’s movie was really good HP3 still remains my fave among all 4 that were already shown. A good movie that you can actually let children watch, I know it’s a kiddie movie but there are times when I believe that JK Rowling didn’t actually think about what kids might perceive on the pages she wrote. Over-all rating for The Goblet of Fire, 9 &3/4 (Prisoner of Azkaban got 9 & 4/5 hehehe).

A day late but I still want to greet my baby a happy happy birthday and belated to my Pop. He’s 11 and Pop’s 66. Double numbers, I betted on their birthdays I was

unlucky. In my 26 years of existence I have bought lottery tickets 3 times already and for you guys to realize how unlucky I am in lottery – not a single one of the numbers I have chosen were drawn. None as in nada. Even the Chinese Pi Xu wouldn’t help. Oh well unlucky in cards might be lucky in love?

Gift suggestions, I was messing a friend’s life yesterday by suggesting he get his weird gf an ouija board or any antique for that matter and you know what he’ll get her after all my brilliant suggestions? D&G Light Blue, grabeh na to. Now what to buy a special friend? I can think of a lot – a lot that are so predictable. A book, a CD he/she’s drooling on for weeks, scented candles (cge lang ismolin mo, I appreciate those things dude), a teddy bear (choose a beanie), potpourri, and I have seen these scented rose petals at Rustans they come in various colours and they smells heavenly. The recipients may be just officemates of yours but it would be best to think about what they would love to receive. Big bucks are not needed just think from the heart. And as we’re on the topic of gifts, I thought about the gifts that I would love to receive… hehehe wishlist again? Not that I want people to give me these stuffs these are more on things that I would probably get one of these days. But for my sister’s sake ATE!!! ITO ANG MGA GUSTO KONG REGALO ALRIGHT?

Jesse Specer’s CD (for my kajologs-an inside)
Lacoste Pour Femme (LUCHIE!)
A new laptop bag (coloured! I saw one at Benetton)
The biggest dark brown Teddy Bear available
Complete Care Bears stuffed toys (the smallest ones)

Oh di ba? Ganda? Heehee. Simple lang di ba? I wouldn’t want to complicate my givers’ lives. Kaya Ate now you have an idea, no more excuses kesyo you don’t know what to buy me or that you weren’t prepared.

So boys & girls I have to close this pathetic piece of shit, once again folks thank you for your continued patronage amidst my wretched ramblings. Be good fellows, happy weekend. Keep your fists closed with your monies inside your hands unless the item is really to die for, I know sales are all around. God bless!

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