Monday, November 07, 2005

The HK Experience

I know I promised to post the pictures, but due to almost a thousand pictures from all four cameras combined (3 digital cameras & Jerome's manual cam with 3 rolls of 36 shots films), this is the only thing I was able to do in 5 days after our arrival (a girl gotta work sorry friends). It's so hard to pick the pictures to display when all the bidas are soooo photogenic (ehem ehem, Jen Jerome & Jo I'll collect the payments for the nice words later). It already costs us a big fortune having these pictures developed.

These pics were from the NAIA to HKIA & the lunch/walk/gala we had at the Panda Hotel side (Oct 29). I promise to post more pics this month (hehehe sorry I know my site is pretty outdated already, I'll fix it soo, I will).

Disney, Ocean Park, China, Harbour, Victoria Peak, etc pictures to follow & ofcourse the stories behind the pictures.

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