Friday, November 11, 2005

Sights of Hong Kong

1. Mine Train of Ocean Park, Cinderella in her castle (Disney Parade) & seahorse from Ocean Park's Atoll Reef
2. Can you spot Nemo? - clown fishes at Ocean Park's Atoll Reef, Shenzhen China buildings & the Golden Buddha
3. Eiffel Tower at Window of the World China, Tinkerbelle banner at the entrance of HK Disneyland & HK corner district (near Harbour area)
4. Window of the World China, Sleeping Beauty's castle fireworks display (notice the hair on the image? that's my Chinese crush's head hehehe) & Harbour Centre
5. The Peak Galleria (Victoria Peak), Bay area of HK & Lion King Festival at HK Disneyland

1. Simba from the Lion King Festival, HK Disneyland Train Express & Harbor View
2. Ariel from The Little Mermaid (she's so pretty, as in!!!), Entrance of HK Disneyland Resort, Flamingoes of Ocean Park, Ocean Park HK entrance & the cutie Panda from Ocean Park
3. Tsing Ma bridge (ala Golden Gate), Cable Car of Ocean Park (connecting the lowlands from the Higlands - funny cos last night while watching Aga's All My Life movie read: my mother is here, they rode the cable car in OP as well) & Ocean Park's pink flamigoes.

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