Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Looking Forward To

Harry Potter 4, can’t wait for tomorrow
…the weekend for my Divisoria & Baclaran shopping spree, I intend to make most of my Christmas shopping this weekend, I feel stressed out that it’s mid November already yet I still don’t have a tree or gifts to give to my family & friends
party, parties & partieeesss, Christmas get togethers, reunions, gimmicks, dates – whatever we call it – it’ll be the occasions & time spent with people you love
gift wrapping, I find the act of wrapping gifts a unique art and as Christmas approaches I can’t wait to wrap the gifts that I’ll be able to buy, when I was young my Mom always told me that I should work for a department store part time during Christmas rush cos I love wrapping gifts, wrapping books, wrapping food etc.
vacation, yippee!!! I’ll have mine with my family in Bicol and it’s cool that I’ll be there early and will stay until after New Year
2006, yes the promising year for everything!!! I feel so positive about this year, if 2005 is not my year I’m determined to make 2006 my best year – promise!
gifts :) as in gifts galore! I am so blessed that eventhough I spend a lot during Christmas holidays I have friends & a family who shares their blessings to me as well, tuninunino… ano kayang mahingi kay Mama?

to be continued

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