Thursday, November 10, 2005

Live It Love It

and then again Leave It.

HK, one of the most expensive country in the world (not that I like to buy it or live there but it is really an expensive place to have a vacation) but you will really go gaga over the things that you can see and actually buy there. The sights are nice, the experience especially the fun & bloopers we had are priceless, special mention to the Chinese Restaurant that met Jerome's & my expectation and have led Jen & Joel crying (lost in translation & illustration), the drunkard waiter at the Hot Pot Restaurant across the hotel we stayed at, Capitalist Henry, "Huh" Yenni-Jenny, tour guide from hell Lauren aka Annie (Anonymous), Socialist Ricky (who knows how to speak Tagalog & perfected the art of repetition in our local language - calling on Jun-jun who's now gutom-gutom and would like to go kain-kain), terrorists of Victoria Peak who claps & cheers for God-knows-what-reason while the tram was helplessly pushing off our butts to be able to reach the peak and the Love Birds-flu.

Streets of Hong Kong is really tricky, imagine on our way from the city back to the awaiting vehicle, Jo & I have to walk around the same streets twice, it looks all the same but it wasn’t and there are short-cuts that seems like long ones. The traffic lights will pressure you as it gives off a semi-siren sound that would make you brisk walk while crossing the street. Jenny, Jerome & my encounter with the traffic enforcer (we’ve beaten the red light on foot, hehehe and I shied away from the officer while Jen & Jerome made our graceful exit) is unforgettable although not really humiliating (humiliating is having to order from a Chinese restaurant, negotiating with a drunkard waiter and wanting to walk out without finishing off your order – we sat there figuring out what to eat for dinner and it took us around an hour cos the waiter is from hell).

On this experience, I have learned real good things – lessons in life and reality… that Jen & Jerome can be good parents cos they look after me (not that I needed it – but they let me choose the best bed, best view, best spot and they even let me use the bathroom before them – hehehe I was pampered), Jo is a shopaholic and real good friend – can’t complain (eyebrows slightly raised – next time kiddo I am not gonna go with you on your shopping sprees), that I can be on a foreign country bravely (although we do not want to take our chances with the birdflu – hehehe we made sure we went there vaccinated and imagine being left alone in China!!!) and that good times & vacation are best spent with good friends & people you consider your family (like your boss, your colleague, the lolo & the childhood friend).

It was a blessing, I will forever remember the long weekend I have spent to live & love.

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