Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Thanks to my friend Moises for coming up with the name hehehe.

Anyway here are some pics of what we have, our day stint at the Fort was a success first time namin kaya pasensya na dameng bloopers & grabe kakapagod pala maging sales lady (when I was little I wanted to be a department store sales lady hehehe buti na lang pala nagbago pa pangarap ko). Text or email me or Jen, Jeng, Dinah & Pen if you're interested.

Prices ranges from P20 (as super mura) to P200 (that's the max you'll have to pay on an item & if we're on a good mood who knows madala kame sa paghahaggle nyo;-)

May mga novelty items & accessories din, this is hassle free shopping!

Remember guys,these are just samples marami pa kayong mapagpipilian.

Bili na kayo!

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