Monday, November 14, 2005

Under Fire

Segue (start pa lang bongga hehehe): Thanks to all who have offered prayers for my Mom, she’s now free from her thyroid ailment. Thanks guys for the support & prayers, this really means a lot to our family. I am sharing this good news to all and as thanksgiving to you & to God.

Love is friendship under fire, got this from a teenage movie I was watching last night and it had me thinking. Friendship under fire and what it really means. Friendship under fire, being passionate about the person, loving what you have and being thankful for all of it. This line made me want to write something of importance to me today, love – not just the romantic one but everything that it represents.

A friend whom I don’t share the “what really matters most” things. And when I did it was something. I have realized that he’s one of the most important friends that I can really trust and depend on. One of the most obnoxious yet honest & faithful friend that a girl can wish for. We are under the same bridge as of this moment (you know who you are) but I am glad that you’ve found solace & shelter under this bridge with me. The night you told me you’re dilemma I have never stopped praying for you & your happiness. You may have told me shit & all, telling me how abnormal & pathetic I am but you have no idea how you warmed my heart when you told me that I make you proud and that nothing compares to me cos I am one of a kind. Now it’s your fault that I believe that I can make a guy really proud. It’s your fault that I now have this new courage within that I am a good catch. Hehehe it’s all your fault but I thank you for it.

My hermanas, Pen, Jeng, Dinah & Jen. Girls, we’ll all be rich together. I am so blessed to have you all cos I know that the emotions & money that we have invested in each other is tested – through thick & thin. Pakikipagsapalaran man sa Baclaran, pagtia-tiangge man. Mambarat man ng supplier or mambola man ng tindera. I may be this thick faced today but it’s all good – all for the best. I love you girls, every minute, every laugh & every tear I shared with you formed me to what I am today.

Lost love, found, misplaced, forgotten, ignored. Thanks for the time, for talking to me for calling me. At first it was awkward but I am glad we’re friends. Nothing beats the understanding and devotion that you both have. This may not sound romantic but I really do love you, yes both of you. It may be a different level kind of love but guys I really do.

Why is it so difficult for me to have you as my friend? Am I bitter? What is holding me back? No & I don’t know. I’ve been thinking that perhaps if we’re not to talk about the past anymore we could be good friends, I am willing to & ready to be there for you. I just hope that should we try at least we do both our best to hold no strings. I am now extending my hand for a shake. It’s up to you to take it.

Friendship under fire… yep friendship that have gone through a lot of fire not to mention ice. I know we have this & we had more before. I don’t know what’s wrong. What’s stopping you what’s making me give up. When you told me to take care I realized that we really do not say things of this sweetness to each other. And when you repeated it, you made me think about not giving up again. I know it’s just take care but when I ponder on the things you have told me – things that aren’t sweet if I am to base it on a lover’s dictionary – I have realized that they mean more than I love you & I care for you. Because you tell me things that really means a lot to you. You have shared secrets about yourself and those things gave me the idea on how you became the man you are today. Those things gave me the idea and made me understand your mold. You’re really special and I will not lie about that. I am glad we’re friends and hope we’ll stay friends until the last breath of our lives.

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