Sunday, March 04, 2012

Advance Happy Birthday Baby!

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday and I am so glad I was able to take a leave from work (well not actually I'll be on mobile mode) and spend the day with him.

Since we're here in the province we'll celebrate the day with family & friends. It is the first time that they'll have a some sort of celebration because in the words of my hubby "birthdays are just another normal day in our family". I am so looking forward for tomorrow because his birthday, another ordinary day according to him, will be celebrated. Later this afternoon my Mom-in-law, Warren & I will head to town and buy stuff for the celebration. Small preparations were already being made by the yayas as early as today. It's like a mini fiesta! 5 kilos of spaghetti, is it too much or what?

I'll take pictures, I just hope my phone cam won't let me down. I wasn't able to bring the SLR because I decided to travel lite.

I love looking forward to little wonderful things, makes me excited. Lately I realized that small things make me happier than the grandest ones. What they said about great things comes in small packaging is true and are often for free like seeing your family happy. A shared meal with them and the happy exchanges. I am so missing my family too in Manila but I'll be seeing them in a few days.

I cannot say that I am loving the rural life because I still have 2 years to enjoy my urban everyday existence but I won't lie and say that I am not excited. I just pray I won't get bored and won't miss my folks badly.

From birthday to long term married life. Here's an early cheers for my wonderful husband. I love you baby!


Monique said...

I *heart* this post. :)

Anne said...

hey hey, thanks atty!